Is ayurvedic treatment for hair loss really efficient?

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    Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

    Hair loss is an awful symptom damaging your life style. You can not enjoy a perfect hair cut, you should take of masking your bald head, finally you have to put a wig on your head to feel better in the society. Hair loss is hard to treat as it is just a symptom. As you know treating a symptom will not favor until the reason is revealed. To effectively treat hair loss one should be examined and tested. Or turn to alternative medicine means.

    Ayurveda is an Indian tradition of curing all diseases known to traditional medicine however using uncommon methods. The means and methods of this Indian system are considered to be effective in hair loss treatment. How Ayurveda can help in treating hair loss?

    Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss provides a complex approach including meditation, diet, yoga practicing, aroma therapy and special breathing techniques. However the main aim is to drastically change your lifestyle saturating it with healthy way of life, healthy food and healthy leisure.

    The ayurvedic treatment for hair loss recommends keeping to a special diet. Nutrition is one of the reasons you lose your hair. Your body lacks of special elements which you should consume with your meal to build healthy and strong hair. The ayurvedic diet for hair loss control includes sesame seeds which should be consumed in small amounts each day on an empty stomach (the seeds will enrich your diet with magnesium and calcium which are essential for hair growth, strengthening and renewal), yogurt. You should add to your diet green vegetables, fruits and leafy vegetables, grains, nuts and milk products. All these meals are rich in essential elements building your hair and helping to recover it.

    Ayurveda is a pure medicine propagating purity of your life. You should consume natural products reducing to the minimum synthetic meals including vitamins and beauty products. It is highly recommended to refuse alcohol consumption and smoking as the habits ruin your body and affect your hair condition.

    Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss also includes herbs and herbal means. The herbs are used for consuming and hair applications. Thus apple cider vinegar is helpful for hair rinsing. Burdock tea supplemented with marshmallow will stimulate the hair growth. Herbs are also helpful for scalp massaging increasing blood circulation and thus stimulating the growth on the new hair. Horsetail, rosemary and birch are best to make a portion massaging oil.

    Why ayurvedic treatment for hair loss should help? The alternative medicine turns to ancient practices of body and mind purification. The system balances all the body processes thus treating not only the symptoms as hair loss is commonly a symptom and not a disease is. Ayurveda is curing inner diseases, imbalance of the body. Following the principles of ayurveda you will notice the improvements in your hair condition in few weeks. As you see the ayurvedic treatment for hair loss offers you to improve your nutrition keeping to a healthy diet food, your life style offering refusing of social habits and some pleasant treatments and applications for your hair and skin.

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