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  1. Muslim_boy

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    Isa was one of the prophet of Islam. That's why every religion merges in Islam. Hinduism is not a religion. It's only a different kind of people mingled up in certain area and just named as Hindus. You people don't even have same belief Then why don't you revert to Islam
  2. deafAncient

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    There is no Islam to revert to, time-scale-wise. Dharma was around LONG before Islam showed up. Your statements show that you know nothing of Hinduism. Typical statements of Abrahamic followers who do not understand the difference between Abrahamic and Dharmic religions. Dharma is not the same as religion. That's where you get confused.
  3. Muslim_boy

    Muslim_boy New Member

    You are talking about Dharma or Hinduism ? Both are different. Please explain how is dharma and Hinduism are same
  4. Senthil

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    Thanks for the questions. Hinduism is a term that applies to the life of many types of faiths, and people. It is an umbrella term. Dharma is right conduct, living according to eternal and peaceful laws.
  5. deafAncient

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    It's like saying, "Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism are the different ways of life within the umbrella term of Dharma." Within Hinduism are many Sampradāyas, or lines of beliefs, such as ones based on Durga, Viṣṇu, Kṛṣṇa, etc.

    For the record, we did NOT say that Hinduism and Dharma are the same thing. It is NOT. This is an error based on the WESTERN mistranslation of the word Dharma to the Western concept of religion. Let's say that I am a "Westerner." Does that necessarily mean that I am a Christian? What if I am Jew or Pagan? What if I'm Atheist in the context of "I don't believe in the Christian God and Jesus?" So, a person living in India or places, where the civilizational construct of the four goals of life, the four stages of life is commonplace, can be any of the four mentioned ways of life, or he can be an atheist and be called a Dharmi (a person who believes in Dharma), though not a Hindu, Jain, Sikh, nor a Buddhist.

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