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    Jejuri is one the popular pilgrim place in Maharashtra, located 38-km from Pune and 60 -km from Sholapur.

    it is the temple of Lord Khandoba. Jejuri popularly known as Khandobachi Jejuri, most important God worshipped by Dhangar, the oldest cummanity in Maharashtra. It is believed that Khandoba, is a god of Sakam Bhakti means the God who fulfils all the wishes of his devotees. Jejuri is popular for its old Deep Mala. Jejuri is a place where the Shivaaji Maharaj met his father Shahaji Raje here after a long period. This meeting was historically very important as both discussed the strategies against Mughals, here. In That period, Jejuri was one of the major hill forts in South region. One must visit Jejuri to see the crystal stands. Jejuri is one of the important temples in Maharashtra with historical importance. ‘ Kandobacha Yelkot ‘..’ Jay Malhar ‘ are some of the popular terms here. One can find many holy places in and nearby the Jejuri temple. Khandoba,, also famous as Khanderao, Khanderaya, Malhari Martand and Mallu Khan is a regional Hindu God, worshipped as Mārtanda Bhairava, a form of Shiva, mainly in the Deccan part of India. He is the most popular family deity(Kul Devata) in Maharashtra, the patron deity of Deshastha Brahmin, warrior, farming and herding castes, the hunters and gatherers of the hills and forests. The cult of Khandoba has linkages with Vaishnava and Jain traditions, and also assimilates all communities irrespective of caste, including Muslims. Khandoba is popular with Mallanna in Andhra Pradesh and Mailara in Karnataka. (The God Is Also Known in Different Names Like: Mallari, Malhari,Mailar,Martand,Ravalnath, Yelkoti Mahadev. )The worship of Khandoba developed during the 9th and 10th centuries from a folk deity into a composite god possessing the attributes of Shiva, Bhairava, Surya and Karttikeya Skanda.
    He is depicted either in the form of a Lingam, or as an image riding on a bull or a horse. The foremost centre of Khandoba worship is Jejuri in Maharashtra. The legends of Khandoba, found in the text Malhari Mahatmya and also narrated in folk songs, revolve around his victory over demons Mani-Malla and his marriages.

    Location : 38-km From Pune

    Maharashtra Presiding Deity : Lord Khandoba

    Popularly Known as : Khandobachi Jejuri

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