Kings who ruled for very long period of time.

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    • Sahstrabahu Kartivirya Arjuna: He was from the Haihaya Dynasty ruled . He ruled for 88000 years . He is the longest time ruled King.
    • Chandravanshi King Alerk: He is the ruler of Kashi and he ruled for 66000 years. He was the propogater of Aayurveda
    • King Dasaratha: He is the 80th Ikshvakuvansi King , He ruled for 60000 years in Ayodhya.
    • King Rama: He is the 81st Ikshvakuvansi King , He ruled for 11000 years in Ayodhya.
    • King Indrabahu: He is the King of Ayodhya , He ruled for 10900 years in Ayodhya.
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