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    Krishna being a well wisher of the Pandavas, helps them in various ways during the time of their or deals from time to time as described below:

    1.) Krishna protected Draupadi's honour in the court of Hastinapur when Dushasana tried to strip her sari.
    >He extended the length of her saree while Dushasana went on pulling it.
    >Dusshasana finally falls unconscious due to exhaustion and Draupadi is thus saved.

    2.) Durvasa and his students visited Yudhisthira's hermitage during their exile and asked them to provide for a meal.

    >The Akshaya patra was a magical bowl given to Draupadi by Surya.
    >It would produce innumerable amount of foodstuffs and would continue to do so until Draupadi ate her meal.

    >On this occasion Draupadi had already partaken her meal and the bowl would not produce anything more.

    >Durvasa being an irascible sage had to be served or he would curse Draupadi and her husbands.

    >At such an odd moment, Krishna appeared before Draupadi and Pandavas and said that he was very hungry.

    >Draupadi wept and said she had nothing to offer him.

    >Krishna took the patra from Draupadi and ate a grain of rice that was sticking to the Akshaya patra.

    >Durvasa and his students hunger gets satiated immediately by this act of Krishna.

    >Thus, Krishna saved the Pandavas from the curse of Durvasa.

    3.) Sahadeva was very good in Astrology.
    >Duryodhana, on the advice of Shakuni approached Sahadeva in order to seek the right time (muhurta) to start the Mahabharata war so that the Kauravas will be victorious.

    >Sahadeva disclosed the same for the Kauravas in spite of knowing that Kauravas were their enemy,

    >as Sahadeva was known to be very honest.
    >Then, Krishna planned to create an eclipse much before the beginning of the war.

    >In the mean time, both Sun and Moon got shocked by Krishna's thought and appeared before Krishna stating that this will create a huge imbalance in the entire Universe.

    >Then, Krishna declared that as Earth, Moon and Sun are together in one place, this in itself was an eclipse.

    4.) Krishna rescued Arjuna from Karna's shakti weapon by not exposing him to Karna, until Karna used it against Bhima's son - Ghatotkacha.

    5.) When Karna shot Nagastra on Arjuna, Krishna applied pressure to the chariot by his foot and thus sunk it,
    >as a result of which the astra missed Arjuna's head and hit his crown instead.

    6.) When Ashwatthama launched the Narayanastra on the Pandavas immediately after the death of Dronacharya,
    >Krishna rescues the Pandava Army by instructing them to put down their arms and to surrender themselves completely towards the weapon.

    >Bhima refused to do so since it would be cowardliness on his part.
    >Krishna protected Bhima by shielding him and showing his back to the astra.

    7.) When Bhagadatta launched the Vaishnava astra on Arjuna, Krishna intervened it immediately.

    >Consequently, this weapon turned into a garland and fell on Krishna's neck.
    >The Vaishnava astra is an astra of Vishnu. In this way, that weapon came back to Vishnu and Arjuna was saved.

    8.) Duryodhana is going to meet his mother on the last day of the battle.
    >His mother has told him to take a bath and enter her tent naked, like an infant.

    >On the way he meets Krishna who mocks him and instigates him to wear the leaves of banana tree in order to cover his thighs before meeting Gandhari.

    >When Gandhari removes her blindfold and looks at Duryodhana, the skin on his body turns hard like vajraor diamond.
    >Unfortunately his thighs remain unaffected and thus vulnerable as they were covered with the leaves.

    >This weakness was later exploited by Bhima in order to defeat Duryodhana in Gadayuddha.

    9.) Krishna saved the Pandavas when Ashwatthama ambushed the Pandava camp at night.

    >Due to this, Ashwatthama ended up killing the Upapandavas instead of Pandavas.

    10.) Krishna revived Parikshit who was killed in Uttara's womb by Ashwatthama's misuse of Brahmastra.

    11.) Krishna saved Bheema from getting killed from the hands of Dhritarashtra when all the Pandavas came to meet him after the war.

    >Dhritarashtra insists each one of the Pandavas to hug him.

    >When, Bheema approached Dhritarashtra, then Krishna instructed him to place Bheema's iron statue that was used by Duryodhana while practicing Gadayuddha,
    before Dhritarashtra instead of Bhima himself hugging Duryodhana's father.

    >Dhritarashtra crushed the iron statue into pieces.
    >Thus, Krishna prevented Bhima from getting crushed by Dhritarashtra.

    12.) Krishna helps Pandavas establish their kingdom in the Khandava Vana by asking Agni to 'eat' all the vegetation there.

    >He also captures Mayasurawho asks Arjuna to spare his life and compensates by building the fabulous Indraprastha and Mayasabha.

    13.) Krishna plays an instrumental role in Jarasandha's death.
    >He gives the vital secret to Bhima by pulling apart a straw and throwing it opposite directions thus indicating the way of killing Jarasandha.

    14.) Krishna went as a peace messenger to Duryodhana to try and negotiate to settle the matter without a war.

    >He asks Duryodhana to give the Pandavas just five villages and be in peace.

    >Duryodhana refuses to do so and thus the War becomes imminent.

    15.) When both Arjuna and Duryodhana ask for Krishna's assistance in the war Krishna asks Arjuna first.

    >Arjuna, naturally, chooses the unarmed Krishna leaving the Narayani Sena to Duryodhana.

    16.) if it had not been for krishna then arjuna would have had to immolate himself as he would not have killed jayadratha.!
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