Kundalini Yoga

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    Every human is an embodiment of the divine. To know the divine that is within us there are doors to reach it. These doors are called as chakras. The Chakras are the doors that lead to moksha or salvation.

    Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini Meditation is a meditative practice by which the dormant energy residing in Mooladhara Chakra or the base of spinal Cord is kindled and awakened and brought to higher chakras.

    The rising of Kundalini Shakthi can be compared with that of a Cobra (Snake) rising its hood.The awakening of kundalini shakthi can only be done by a Guru. (There are other means of awakening it without a Guru, which are extremely arduous and almost impossible)

    The divine preceptor or Guru passes his divine energy into the chakras by touching the energy centers thereby awakening them.

    This is called Deeksha or Initiation.

    From the time immemorial in India, so many great sages and saints out of their intense sadhana have discovered these great doors and compassionately passed these secrets on to the coming generations.

    There are 9 main chakras in the human body. Though every chakra leads to the divine, each chakra has some unique qualities and benefits. Chakras are the only doors of inner travel.
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  2. Kundalini Yoga is the process of using techniques to develop a reservoir of energy known as the Kundalini, to move the life air up the sushumna, the main subtle nerve channel, which runs up the spine.
    The processes of hatha yoga are used as a preliminary, to clear out the nadis, or subtle channels in the body, so that when the kundalini energy is concentrated and pressure builds up the channels are not blocked.
    It is like if you want to pump large amounts of water through a hose, you need to make sure there are no blockages in it or it will burst. In this analogy the energy that pumps the water, i.e. moves the life air and the atma up the sushumna, is the subtle energy known as kundalini.

    The process involves great austerities and dedication, a separation from society and all personal attachments, a renunciation of sex life, and of all bodily comforts.
    The aspiring kundalini yogi must burn off his karmic reactions by physical means, so the process is full of pain on physical and mental level.
    The experience of moving the life air up through the chakras has been described as being like taking a blunt knife, heating it to white hot, and then piercing the body and twisting it around. Very, very few people succeed.

    Although the ultimate purpose of all mystic yoga processes is realisation of the Supreme, usually by meditation on the Paramatma, this complex and difficult process has been adopted by the yogis either for the purpose of developing mystic powers or to merge into the effulgence of the Supreme Person.

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