Kundli Matching Before Marriage is it Necessary

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    Even though, this custom is losing its importance but still many marriage are broken because of their kundli mismatching. Majority of these people are not backward types but modern and fully educated. Their argument is “Its question of life, why take a chances”. But it is essential, because it may confirms the success of marriage. In Hindu religion, marriage is considered as a sacred union which one should abide not only in the present life, but for seven lives in succession

    Horoscope is a chart which reflects the planetary positions and their effects on life. In India its known as kundali. Marriage is the important ceremony which bounds a boy and a girl in life long relationship.

    In earlier days understanding between two people makes their relationship better and stay forever happy. But in now a days people use to follow horoscope matching to search compatible match for them.This procedure is followed all over India.

    In Vedic system of Astrology, Eight fold test are done to see the compatibility between two people. Unique method of Horoscope Matching is called as Kundli Melapak, Marriage Matching or Kundli Matching. Points are given for various descriptions. These descriptions are eight in number, Each test has specific score (Gun), more in score will be more in the compatibility and the relation stands for longer period.
    1. Varan
    2. Vasya
    3. Tara
    4. Yoni
    5. Grah Maitri
    6. Gan
    7. Bhakoot
    8. Nadi

    Score (Gun) for perfect match: After combining these eight different test different score appears which are follows

    Below 18 Gunas = Marriages are not recommended

    Minimum 18-24 Gunas = Average but Acceptable Matching

    Maximum 25-36 Gunas = Excellent Match

    For well-being and Successful married life another aspect called Mars Consideration is also very important in horoscope matching. Eventhough for a sucessfull married life these “Guns” works upto maximum 10% leval only.
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    You can match horoscopes, it is fine. If there is a match it is really good, but if the horoscopes don’t match, it is okay. Just pray! Everything is acceptable.

    If you feel like, then get it done. Otherwise, you will always have a doubt in mind whether it will match or not. It is okay to match it. Now, suppose you like the other person in all ways but just one thing doesn’t match in the kundali, then there is a solution to it. Meditate, pray, and do havan (oblation) and everything will be sorted out. It is not difficult to please all the planets. Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and it is done.

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