Learning how to deal with the mind

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    The subtle body or the inner instrument contains four faculties or Antahkaranas:

    Manas - The thinking or fluctuating faculty; also known as the mind

    Buddhi - Intelligence or the decision-making faculty

    Ahankara - The ego that maintains the concept of the ‘self’

    Chittam - The storage faculty

    You must know the nature of intelligence as well as the nature of the mind in order to control the mind or manas.

    Although intelligence is a higher faculty, it cannot control the mind simply by passing on orders in the form of decisions. The mind yields to the decision of intelligence immediately but gradually, the mind proposes alternatives (Vikalpa) and controls the faculty of intelligence by diverting it towards an alternative way.

    The mind is like the tactful wife, who yields to the decision of her husband on the spot, but in course of time gradually diverts him to follow her will, through sweet proposals. To control this tactful mind, you must learn the same talent of the mind.

    For example, Krishna (an ancient incarnation of God) transformed Satyabhama gradually by not behaving like her husband but by behaving like a wife to her. You can cut a diamond only with another diamond and you can remove a thorn only with another thorn.

    To teach this spiritual concept of intelligence and the mind, God created man and woman with such different natures. Generally speaking, men represent intelligence while women represent the mind. However, the opposite can also be true as is seen in many cases.

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