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    Life span of our Universe/Vedic Creation/
    vedic universe

    UNIVERSE is 160,898,400,000 Earth years old. (160.89 billion years) (311 trillion also means 40 billion human years according to Wikipedia)
    According to Modern Science the age of Our Universe is 13.77 billion years & according to Vedic Scriptures the calculation comes to 160.89 billion Earthyears old.
    Life span of Sri Brahmaji is 311,040,000,000 Earth years which is 100 years of Satyaloka or Brahmaloka.
    Present age of Sri Brahmaji is 51 years, which is 158,630,400,000 years & within this year it’s the first day named "Varaha Kalpa". Within this Brahma day, we are in the 7th manvantara named Vivashwata Manu - the son of the Sun God named VIVASHWAN.
    Age of universe = 160,898,400,000 earth years old i.e. 160.89 billion years or 311 trillion which is equal to 40 billion human years as per the Wikipedia

    If we compare age of universe with modern science and vedic scriptures they say it is 13.77 billion years (as per modern science calculation) to 160.89 billion Earthyears old (as per vedic scripture calculation) respectively
    Brahmaji's life span is 311,040,000,000 Earth years that is equal to 100 years of Brahmaloka or Satyaloka.
    Brahmaji at present is 51 years old which comes out to be 158,630,400,000 years and within this year it’s the first day named "Varaha Kalpa" and in this brahma day we are in the 7th manvantara named Vivashwata Manu - the son of the Sun God named VIVASHWAN.

    One Manvantara is 71 mahayugas( 1 mahayuga is 43,20,000 years)
    43,20,000 * 71 = 306,720,000 Earth years & we are in the 7th manvantra & 28th mahayuga which means, after the 51st birthday of Sri Brahmaji we already passed 7 manvantra, which is 2,147,040,000 years + 28 mahayuga of that manvantara - 120,960,000 years which Sum up to 2,268,000,000 Earth years.

    This would place us at about the 454th mahayuga of the 1,000 maha yugas that comprise 12 hrs of Brahma. Within this maha yuga, we are in KaliYuga. The present kaliyuga started on Feb 20 of 1 KB or 3102 BC at 2 hours, 27 minutes& 30 seconds. On jan 1,2013 AD a total of 5115 years of kaliyuga elapsed. 5115 KB is 2013 AD.

    Present life span of Brahmaji is 51 years i.e 158,630,400,000 + 2,268,000,000 = 160,898,400,000 Earth years or 160.98 Billion Earth years approx.

    The age of our Universe can match with the age of our Creator Sri Brahmaji, i.e the age of our Universe should be little more than 160.98 billion years.

    Age of our Planet Earth according to Modern Science is 4.54 billion years, which can be true & according to Vedic Science the creation of life within the Universe had already been stared after Sri Brahmaji meditated & his Father Sri Hari Vishnu blessed him with the knowledge of Veda, creation on planet Earth started when Sri Brahmaji decided & this was the time when Planet Earth was stolen by Hiranyaksha in Swayambhu Manu the Very first man out of 14 manus.

    We are currently with the 7th manu/7th man which means life must have been created 2,147,040,000 years back within Planet Earth, approximately.

    ||All Glories to Guru & Gauranga||
    ||HaRe KriShnA||

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