Lord Hanuman & Lord Ugra Narasimha Swamy Namakkal, T.N, India

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    In Threthayuga at the period of Ramayana Sri Hanuman saved Sri Rama and others with Sanjeevi herbs which was brought from Himalayas by him. Then Hanuman replaced it in the Himalayas. On his return through the Sky Sri Hanuman brought the Saligramam (where Lord Narasimha disappeared after completion of his Narasihma avatar).

    In the meantime the Sun had, risen. Sri Hanuman got down to the earth to perform Sandhayavandhanam because he was a great sage and bachelor. That is tha place of Sri Mahalakshmi's Tapavanam with a big holy tank named Kamalalayam where Sri Mahalakshmi was born Sri Hanuman determined to do his morning duties.Therefore he placed the Saligramam near the tank of Kamalalayam and performed SandhayaVanthanam.

    After he had made his duties Hanuman tried to lift the Saligramam. But he could not move it easily; which was brought by him. This confused Sri Hanuman and he worshipped the God. Then the Saligramam grew as a rock a voice rose Oh Hanuman I determined to stay here, I was brought by you. First you go to Lanka and save Sri Ramachandramurthi.

    If you want to worship me, you will come here after Ramavatharam and pray ever in front of me in Kaliyuga. Thus Sri Hanuman is even now at Namakkal Sthalam in the western side of the rock standing in the open air, worshipping in front of Sri NARASIMHA SWAMY .
    he two temples are about 250 feet apart and the statues are built in such a way that Lord Hanuman’s eyes are in line with Lord Narasimhar’s feet

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