Lord Krishna And Arjuna Visit Vaikuntha To Find Children Of Brahmin

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    One day Arjuna went to Dwarka to meet Lord Krishna the king of Dwarka. Arjuna told him, “Lord now I have the Gandiv Dhanusha. I can win over anyone, any evil power which comes my way.”

    While they were talking, they heard a man crying very loudly. Arjuna saw a Brahmin crying near the palace. They went to the Brahmin with and Arjuna asked, “Dear Brahmin, why are you crying?”

    “I have come here to bemoan the death of my ninth son. There is no use of having a powerful king who cannot save a mere child from dying. I wanted him to protect my sons but he could not do that,” he replied.This duplicitous, greedy enemy of brahmanas, this unqualified ruler addicted to sense pleasure, has caused my son's death by some discrepancies in the execution of his duties.

    Arjuna, who was near Lord Keshav, happened to overhear the brahmana lamenting. Thus Arjuna addressed the brahmana: "What is the matter, my dear brahmana? Isn't there some lowly member of the royal order here who can at least stand before your house with a bow in his hand? These kshatriyas are behaving as if they were brahmanas idly engaged in fire sacrifices.

    Arjuna asked, “Lord Krishna you are a powerful warrior and a great ruler yet you could not save this Brahmin’s son. I wonder why you are just smiling and not doing anything about the Brahmin’s plea.” But the Lord Krishna kept on smiling. Before Krishna could say anything Arjuna spoke aloud. “"My lord! I’ll save your son. Just tell me when your wife is about to give birth to her tenth son?”

    “When Krishna and Balram could not do a thing. How can you help me?” The Brahmin said.

    Arjuna said proudly, “I possess the Gandiv Dhanusha.Do not minimize my ability, which was good enough to satisfy Lord Shiva, O brahmana. I will bring back your sons, dear master, even if I have to defeat Death himself in battle. No one can win over me and I promise, if I am not able to save your tenth son’s life. I’ll jump into a pyre alive.”

    The Brahmin went back to his home reassured. He returned after two months and told Arjuna that his tenth son was going to be born. Arjuna followed the Brahmin to his hut. The Brahmin’s wife was inside the hut. To protect the Brahmin’s tenth son After touched pure water, offered obeisances to Lord Mahesvara and recollected the mantras for his celestial weapons after that Arjuna strung his bow Gandiva and shot numerous arrows from his powerful bow and covered the whole hut with arrows from outside.Thus the son of Pritha constructed a protective cage of arrows, covering the house upwards, downwards and sideways. He himself stood as guard at the door and claimed, “Not even Dharmraj (Yamraj) can dare enter now.“‘

    The brahmin's wife then gave birth, but after the newborn infant had been crying for a short time, he suddenly vanished into the sky in his selfsame body. The Brahmin went in and came out in anger and shouted at Arjuna. “You are a liar. The last nine times at least I could see my dead sons but not this time. My wife told me that the baby vanished into air just as it was born.”

    Not seeing the brahmin's child there, Arjuna went to the cities of Agni, Nirriti, Soma, Vayu and Varuna. With weapons at the ready he searched through all the domains of the universe, from the bottom of the subterranean region to the roof of heaven. Finally, not having found the brahmin's son anywhere, Arjuna decided to enter the sacred fire, having failed to keep his promise. But just as he was about to do so, Lord Krishna stopped him and spoke the following words:

    “Dear Arjuna, stop, Krishna said.What are you doing and why??" Did you give your best to find the child? NO...Come with me and I'll help you to find Brahmin’s son.So, please don't despise yourself like this.”

    Having thus advised Arjuna, Lord Krishna had Arjuna join Him on His divine chariot, and together they set off toward the North East.
    The Lord's chariot passed over the seven islands of the middle universe, each with its ocean and its seven principal mountains. Then it crossed the Lokaloka boundary and entered the vast region of total darkness.In that darkness the chariot's horses -- Saibya, Sugriva, Meghapushpa and Balahaka -- lost their way. Seeing them in this condition, O best of the Bharatas, Lord Krishna,sent His Sudarshana disc before the chariot. That disc shone like thousands of suns. The Lord's Sudarshana disc penetrated the darkness with its blazing effulgence. Racing forward with the speed of the mind, it cut through the fearsome, dense oblivion expanded from primeval matter. Following the Sudarshana disc, the chariot went beyond the darkness and reached the endless spiritual light of the all pervasive brahma-jyoti. As Arjuna beheld this glaring effulgence, his eyes hurt, and so he shut them.

    From that region they entered a body of water resplendent with huge waves being churned by a mighty wind. Within that ocean Arjuna saw an amazing palace more radiant than anything he had ever seen before. Its beauty was enhanced by thousands of ornamental pillars bedecked with brilliant gems. In that palace was the huge, awe-inspiring serpent Ananta Shesha. He shone brilliantly with the radiance emanating from the gems on His thousands of hoods and reflecting from twice as many fearsome eyes. He resembled white Mount Kailash, and His necks and tongues were dark blue.

    He then saw the omnipresent and omnipotent Maha-Vishnu, sitting at ease on the serpent bed. His bluish complexion was the color of a dense raincloud, He wore a beautiful yellow garment, His face looked charming, His broad eyes were most attractive, and He had eight long, handsome arms. His profuse locks of hair were bathed on all sides in the brilliance reflected from the clusters of precious jewels decorating His crown and earrings. He wore the Kaustubha gem, the mark of Shrivatsa and a garland of forest flowers. Serving that topmost of all Lords were His personal attendants, headed by Sunanda and Nanda; His chakra and other weapons in their personified forms; His consort potencies Pushti, Shri, Kirti and Aja; and all His various mystic powers.

    Lord Krishna offered homage to Himself in this boundless form, and Arjuna, astonished at the sight of Lord Maha-Vishnu, bowed down as well. Then, as the two of them stood before Him with joined palms, the almighty Maha-Vishnu, supreme master of all rulers of the universe, smiled and spoke to them in a voice full of solemn authority.

    [Lord Maha-Vishnu said:] I brought the brahmana's sons here because I wanted to see the two of you, My expansions, who have descended to the earth to save the principles of religion. As soon as you finish killing the demons who burden the earth, quickly come back here to Me. Now you’ve learnt your lesson. Although all your desires are completely fulfilled, O best of exalted personalities, for the benefit of the people in general you should continue to exemplify religious behavior as the sages Nara and Narayana.

    Thus instructed by the Supreme Lord of the topmost planet, Krishna and Arjuna assented by chanting om, and then they bowed down to almighty Lord Maha-Vishnu. Taking the brahmana's sons with them, they returned with great delight to Dwarka by the same path along which they had come. There they presented the brahmana with his sons, who were in the same infant bodies in which they had been lost. Having seen the domain of Lord Vishnu, Arjuna was totally amazed. He concluded that whatever extraordinary power a person exhibits can only be a manifestation of Sri Krishna's mercy

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