Lord Kuber superior to Goddess Laxmi

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    When wealth and prosperity comes in the mind it reminds me of Goddess Laxmi.
    When an individual has lack of money and prosperity we often do Laxmi Puja and worship Goddess Laxmi. But the true fact is that goddess Lakshmi gets wealth from Lord Kuber because Lord Kuber is the king of money and prosperity. Kuber also known as Dhanpati is worshiped by most of the hindus. Even if his name not mentioned in most of the text but he is widely worshiped in Jainism and Buddhism. Lord Kubera is the son of Sage Vishrava and Lord Brahma's grandson. Originally Lord Kuber was the ruler of Lanka but Step brother Ravana replaced him by performing some severity.

    For this reason,
    Rudraksha Ratna article on Lord Kuber explains beautifully about the physical appearance of Lord Kuber.

    ~Hari Om

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