Lord Parashuram

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    pleased with Lord Parashuram. He presented Lord Parashuram with divine weapons and also gave him his unconquerable and indestructible axe shaped weapon (Parashu) and advised him to go and liberate the mother earth from the felons, ill behaved, outrageous, extremists, demons and those blind with sexual passion and pride.

    Since Lord Parashuram is reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, he is worshipped as deity of worship (Upaasyadevta). The birth anniversary of Lord Parashuram (Lord Parashuram Jayanti), which falls on the third day of bright fortnight of Hindu calendar month Vaishakh, is celebrated as a festival and also as a vowed religious observance (Vrat).

    Attributes of Lord Parashuram:
    Agratah chaturovedah prushthatah sasharam dhanuh |
    Idam braahmam idam kshatram shaapadapi sharaasdapi ||

    Meaning:Knows four veds by heart, means has full knowledge of them. Has arrows and bow on the back, means has valour; which also means has both, radiance of Brahma and of Kshatriya. Whoever opposes, Lord Parashuram will defeat him either by a curse or by shooting an arrow.

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