Lord Rama and Hanuman in Iraq

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    Lord Rama and Hanuman in ancient Iraq???

    This is said to be an ancient rock carving found in Silemani province, Kurdistan, Iraq. This is the area which is now under attack from ISIS and where hundreds of Yazidis were killed recently by them. Many people claim this to be an ancient depiction of Lord Rama and Hanuman, which it seems to be quite clearly and obviously. The picture was sent me to on Twitter by a friend. But there seems no way to verify its authenticity.
    Could this be a reference to this carving: Beside Qelat, the city of Ranya also has another hill which is called Girde Dêma. Also, there are many other historical remains in that district like Shimshara, which is investigated in 1957 - 1959 by a Danish archaeological team with the cooperation of an Iraqi team.
    It is counted as one of the oldest hills in the history of the human beings. More than 247 ancient remains have been found in that hill with a temple. Besides, there are many other hills in the place like Bazmusian, Boskin, Dwgradan, Kamarian, Qurashina, and Dema. And, there are a lot of other remains like rock carvings that are located in the right part of Darband to the east of Ranya.
    That carving is a structure of a man, which is thought to be a king of Goths or Lolos. The width of this historical carving is about a meter and 60 centimeters, and with the height of 20 meters. In the lately years, Ranya also has a special history
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    Hindu rock relief showing Lord Ram with a Vaanar assistant - worshipper.
    Darbadi Belula, Hori Shekhan, Suleymania province, Kurdistan - Iran border. 2100 BCE.


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