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    Lord Shani - An Introduction

    Father of Lord Shani
    : Lord Sun
    Mother of Lord Shani : Chhaya (Suvarna)
    Brother of Lord Shani : Yamaraj, Savarni Manu, Ashwani Kumar
    Sister of Lord Shani : Yamuna, Tapti
    Guru of Lord Shani : Lord Shiva
    Gotra of Lord Shani : Kashyap
    Interest of Lord Shani : Service, Spirituality, Law, Diplomacy and Politics
    Place of Birth : Saurashtra
    Colour : Black (Krishna)
    Nature : Windy
    Category and Caste : Shudra (the Servant)
    Deity : Yama
    Permanent Home : Tenth House
    Element : Air
    Characteristics : Darkness (gloomy)
    Direction : West
    Enemy Planets (naturally) : Sun, Moon and Mars
    Friendly Planets : Mercury, Venus and Rahu
    Season of Lord Shani : Autumn (Shishir)
    Essence : Astringent
    The Diseases :Abdominal pain, Arthritis, Rheumatism, pain in Arms, pain in the right part of the body, Paralysis, Diabetes and other diseases of the nervous system

    Nature of Lord Shani : Serious, Renouncing, Ascetic,Obstinate, Indifferent Other names :

    ‘Konasth’, ‘Pingal’ ,’Babhru’, ‘Sauri’, Shaneshcharya’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Mand’, ‘Roudra’, ‘Antak’, ‘Yam’

    Loving Friends : Kal Bhairav, Hanuman ji,Mercury and Rahu
    Signs of Lord Shani : Capricorn, Aquarius
    Lordship : Night
    Area of Work : Justice to all Living Beings
    Day Dear to Lord Shani : Saturday, Amavasya (Date: falling on Saturday)
    Constellations of Lord Shani : Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapad
    Stone : Blue Sapphire
    Objects dear to Lord Shani :Black Cloth, Black Sesame (Til), Urad, Treacle (gud), the Sour and Astringent Objects and Mustard Oil

    Dear Metal : Iron and Steel
    Business related to Lord Shani :Iron, Steel, Cement, Coal industry, Factories, Petroleum, Transport, Medicine, Printing Press and hardware

    Diseases related to Lord Shani :Rheumatic diseases, Cancer, Sugar, Kidney, Leprosy, Incurable Diseases, Blood Cancer, Madness and the Skin Diseases

    Remedies :On any Saturday evening,give alms to some poor, old man the objects that are dear to Lord Shani

    Effective Period : The SadheSatti & Dhaiya Period
    Major Period : 19 years
    Sites worth visiting : Lord Shani Temple, Gwalior Kokilavan, Vrindavan
    : Shree Shani Temple Beedh Maharastra
    : Shree Shani Kshetra Nastanpur, Maharastra
    : Shree Shani Kshetra Model Tirth Nandur bar Maharastra
    : Shree Shani Kshetra Rameshwar Tirth
    : Shree Shani Tirth Tirunalaru TN
    : Shree Shani Mandir Tirth Ujjain
    : Shree Shingnapur, Maharastra
    : Shree Sidh Shakti Peeth Shani Dham, Shree Shani Tirth Kshetra, Asola, Fatehpur Beri, Mehrauli, Delhi
    : Shree Sidh Shakti Peeth Shani Dham, Gol Nimbada, Sojat-Pali Highway, Pali (Raj.)
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    The Impact of Lord Shani on Human Life

    The planets control the whole Universe, but Lord Shani is the chief controller. Shani is also known as a chief controller among the jury of planets. Lord Shani decides the results of the fructification of our Karmas and all the planets give malefic or benefic results depending upon such karmas of a native. We all living beings are bounded to the chains of our Karmas and have have to undergo their good and bad results. I would like to discuss herewith, about the most important and the only justified planet ‘Shani’, about whom people have a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings.

    To make you better understand the subject, I would like to explain to you the basics about the other planets, before discussing about Lord Shani. The trinity Lords; i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha are responsible for Generation, Operation and Destruction of the Universe. To deliver us the results of our own actions, God himself has been incarnated in the form of the planets. Our classics clearly declare that all of these nine planets are the icons of various incarnations of Lord Vishnu. So the Sun, the Moon, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Venus, the Shani, the Rahu and the Ketu are known to be the incarnations of Lord Rama, Krishna, Narsimha, Buddha, Vaman, Parashurama, Kurma, Varaha and Matsya respectively. There is another fact regarding Lord Shani, which needs to be clearly understood here over. It is that Lord Shani appeared as the son of Lord Sun, who himself is an incarnation of Idealistic Lord Rama. Apart from this, even all the occupants of divine land, do also come under the reign of the planets itself. This clarifies that the planets are even more powerful than Lord Indra or any other god. The jurisdiction of the planets is larger than that of the god's himself. Accordingly, it has been declared in the classics very clearly :-

    Graha Rajyam Prayachhanti,
    Graha Rajyam Haranti Che,
    Grahaeè Vyapatam Sakalam Jagat
    i.e. Planets not only grant and snatch away Kingdoms but are also responsible for existence of this whole Universe.

    Friends! In our classical books the present age has been described as Kaliyug, commonly it is also called as Kalyuga. The manner in which, people are dependent on the modern scientific articles and machines these days, the word Kaliyuga (Kal means components) is very appropriate. With the help of latest scientific discoveries and the inventions, man is living a luxurious life day by day. What to talk of the Earth, the Oceans and the Atmosphere, the man has also explored & stepped into the outer space very fast. In Vedic Astrology, the outer space, the barren land, the graveyards, the forests & the deep deserts, deep valleys, the mountains, the caves, the ditches, the mines and all the inhabitant free places on this earth, do fall under the jurisdiction of the Shani. If we notice the progress in the space and the other related areas, it would be justified calling this age as ‘The Saturnian age i.e. the age of Lord Shani. The jurisdiction of Lord Shani includes not only the deep and secret knowledge but also all our actions relating to the vigilance, the labour, the service, the helplessness, the handicap persons and helping sick and the old people.

    The great scientists of the age have discovered many secrets regarding the Solar System and the Nuclear Sciences. Lord Shani signifies human actions. In the present scenario, if some one explains to the impacts of the planets over human life, he will certainly be laughed at. However, recent discoveries reveal that all the living beings and matters, however large or small they may be, are so closely inter related to each other that they give retrospective effects. These are really petty issues that are not generally digested by the common person with little knowledge. However, with acceptation or rejection of such people, facts do not change. The declaration made by our great ancient Seers & Sages:

    Yatha Pinde, Thatha Brahmande

    It means that a definite relationship exists between the living beings and the nature and the same is also verified by the modern sciences too. The rules governing the different activities and the happenings on the planets of the solar system, the Sun, the Moon, the Mercury etc. are also applicable not only to the human beings but also to all living beings on this earth. The representative calls of the solar system exist in all the living beings, including human beings.

    The deep studies in Physics reveal that matter is made up of the atoms. The atoms itself consist of a nucleus having positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons revolving around it. In case we study the motion of these electrons carefully, we find their motion is similar to that of the motion of the planets in the Solar system. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, the Nakshatra combinations and the planetary combinations, at the time of his birth, leave a life long impression on the life of a native. This planetary position decides his fortune. The analysis of the horoscope of a particular person explains the effects of planetary rays on his life. It may be good or bad, favourable or unfavourable depending upon the position, the mutual aspects and the conjunction of the nine planets, their Nakshatra lordships and the other Astrological combinations. Now, Lord Shani affects human life the most, because it has the longest Mahadasha period i.e. nineteen years. In addition, it transits over one sign for two and a half years period and it is the Lord of the tenth and the eleventh house in the Natural Zodiac. Therefore, being the lord of the house of Karmas and Justice, in the horoscope of ‘Kalpurush’, it justifies our karmas. In order to calculate ‘Mahurta’, in Astrology, the rays of the planets and their Nakshatra lordships are also calculated. These rays have good and evil properties and thus their effect do change with the passage of time. Only specific rays of the Planets and the Nakshatras, have special qualities and matter, as per their transitory position. To perform a particular work successfully, we choose auspicious ‘Mahurta’. It is very much clear that the tradition of finding the ‘Mahurta’ is not merely a superstition or a blind faith, but it is completely scientific and secretive. Horoscope reflects the nature and the character of a particular person. An astrologer reveals the bare facts of the various phases of the life of a native. The Astrological science analyses the facts of the present and the past life of a person and encourages him to put more efforts in performing his duties righteously. Lord Shani being the signifier of our actions (the present as well as the past) has the capacity to do undo the evil results of our past deeds with suitable present remedial measures. An astrologer can do the generosity of making, the unfavourable circumstances as favourable, with the help of the tips, worked out on the basis of the analysis of a horoscope. The unfavourable situations in future can be foreseen and can be made favourable through remedial measures. By preaching and evoking sufficient alertness, an astrologer can help a person in getting his misdeeds done undone. The ‘Supreme Power’ whose mere imagination, makes this Universe to exist, has made these planets responsible to control and regulate all living beings. The planets decide all the joys and sorrows to all living beings including the human beings. However, this is a separate issue that we attain these joys and sorrow due to our own destined karmas. Hence, the most important role of Lord Shani, as a signifier of our present actions, cannot be ignored at all. The decision regarding, “When and how the results of the deeds of pre-births are fructified by the nine planets" among which Lord Shani plays the most significant role. Lord Shani is the chief Justice and punishes or rewards the human beings according to their misdeeds or good deeds. Lord Shani is neither partial nor delays in granting the punishment for evil deeds. The reason being that Lord Shani does not show any sympathy while punishing. He threats them through evil results enriches them makes them famous and known through granting good results. People are frightened of him, possibly that is why Lord Shani is named as a cruel, a rude and a malefic planet. However, it certainly does not mean that Lord Shani has any scarcity of love and kindliness.

    The planets also decide the effects of the deeds of our previous births, in our present lifetime. That's why it is necessary to know about the main periods (Mahadasha) and sub -periods (Antardasha) of planets in Astrology. This knowledge enables us to make remedial measures for protection against the misshapenness. A particular planet in line with its temper and nature affects us during its Mahadasha (Main period) and delivers the malefic or benefic results as per our own deeds.

    Our ancient seers and sages have studied the malefic and benefic effects of Lord Shani very minutely and described the same in our classical books in great details. Saturn is a planet, having a clear vision. A favourable Shani bestows wealth and fame but at the same time, an unfavourable Shani gives endless miseries.

    A favourable period of planet Shani bestows sharp memory, and makes people wealthy and famous. There is a satisfactory profit in business and one can also get hidden treasures. He also makes the person, a head of the society, a head of a village, town or city or a public representative. In his Dasha period, people are likely to get special profits from agriculture and are honoured with respect, fame and high position, in the State and society.

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    During the unfavorable period of Shani, one has to face endless miseries. Chances for loss of property, wealth and health also do exist. There can also be humiliation in public life, as a result of involvement in ill deeds. One has to face humiliation at every step or sometimes he gets diseased to incurable ailments.

    Remember, Lord Shani punishes only those who are involved in ill deeds. However, he becomes happy and favorable to people performing good deeds and rewards them with lots of progress in their life and may also elevate them to high positions like secretary, minister and even sometime up to the rank of Prime Minister. At the same time, when Shani gets annoyed, he also grants imprisonment to such people of high position and they have to face various types of humiliations depending upon their misdeeds.

    Human embodiment (Manav-Yoni), is also referred to as birth for actions (Karma-Yoni). The reason being that all the other embodiments are only Bhog Yonies (getting the results based on previous deeds). Even godly beings cannot perform any Karma (deed) but can only experience the results of their past good or ill deeds. Even huge animals like the elephant cannot perform any Karma (deed). The results of deeds in human-embodiment are to be experienced by the spirit in several births. Moreover, it is Lord Shani, who gives us the results of our deeds while living on the earth and Yamaraj who grants the result of our misdeeds after death. Shani certainly punishes the violators of the laws of nature, and ensures the arrangements for rewarding the good deeds, once for all.

    According to our Epics, Lord Sun is a witness to all our deeds and Lord Shani is responsible for bestowing us the results thereof. Remember, we start to experience their results immediately since the time of our birth. After death, Yamaraj i.e. the Lord of Yamapuri, sends us to heaven or hell, depending upon our deeds.

    A native happens to get some chronic or incurable prolonged diseases due to the affliction of Lord Shani. The effects of Shani during its main period, sub-period and sub-sub periods, brings out the hidden diseases in our body. Shani can also motivate thieves and dacoits to publicly acknowledge their misdeeds. They then have to bear with the pains of long imprisonment, and also suffer severe physical and mental torture.

    It is clear that Lord Shani delivers the result of our deeds without any favour or animosity. He should not be considered as a planet that grants only pains to the living beings. On the other hand, by doing so he nullifies the effects of his misdeeds and makes the living being pure and devoted towards the Divine. Thus, Lord Shani is always a well wisher and is very similar to a Kalpa Vriksha (Tree that fulfills the desires). I hope, by now, all your doubts about Lord Shani would have been clarified, in the light of the above explanation. Having known the real picture of Lord Shani, one should start worshipping him without any fear. People should follow the truthful path, thereby making Lord Shani all happy. This will enable them to experience thyself and thereby enjoying the pleasures, the worldly and the heavenly. We must remember that the blessings of Lord Shani can only be achieved by performing good deeds and through his blessings, our prayers bear fruits, resulting into the speedy experience of the Almighty. Now you can decide yourself, whether Lord Shani is a benefic or a malefic Planet to human life! Your doubts would be clarified instantly, as soon as you contemplate over the above facts. In fact, Shani is not an enemy to anyone. He only delivers the results of our good deeds and the bad deeds, through various ways, thereby making us pure.

    However, those who are not aware of his qualities, his religious activities, his nature, his way of working and his compassion, they address him as a cruel, a pain-giving one and they are really mistaken, treating him as an enemy. Although the fact is that, only our bad deeds are our enemies that result into all our sorrows and pains. It is also true that Lord Shani certainly delivers the results of our deeds. Moreover, just for this reason, treating him as our enemy is not only foolishness on our part but also it’s an indication of our ignorance. We should not be afraid of Shani, but should perform good deeds and treat him as a Chief Justice in the court of human affairs. We should therefore try to pray Lord Shani and obtain right understanding with his blessings.

    Almighty has designated Lord Shani as a planet to deliver the results of the Karmas of all living beings, exactly in line with their deeds, and he obeys his duties most honestly & righteously. I positively hope that after reading the above, all your doubts gathered from various sources about Shani, must have been clarified. Therefore, obtain the blessings of Lord Shani by praying, worshipping and reciting his name. Do not be afraid of him.

    You should be contended with your honest earnings, and be warned of any misdeeds arising out of your greed, thus avoiding any punishment by Lord Shani.

    Kindly spare some precious moments from your busy schedule, to worship and please him and always believe that he will definitely bless you. Remember, criticism of the wrong doer cannot change the attitude and actions of the Chief justice, in the court of human affairs. Lord Shani is always ready to punish according to ones deeds and as per pre-defined laws of the nature, he also rewards our good deeds. He does his duties without any favoritism or mistake. So, if you think that the mirror is erroneous, think again, it may well be the face that is looked into the mirror, which is erroneous! It is therefore, useless to blame Lord Shani.

    To make Lord Shani favourable, many remedies have been mentioned in the classical books of the Astrological Science. We can use them to make our lives cheerful and peaceful. However, before I discuss these remedies, I would like to introduce properly Lord Shani to you from the traditional view point, thus helping you to come out of the various misconceptions and misunderstandings about him. In various traditional books there is sufficient discussion about his appearance and special qualities. Therein He is stated as the son of Lord Sun, also known as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu (the soul of the Universe) and as the son of Maharishi Kashyap. The name of his mother is Chhaya or Suvarna. His brothers are manu Sawarni and Yamaraj, and his sister are known to be Yamuna and Bhadra.

    As per the common natural law, any sect has the hereditary effect upon its successors. Lord Shani is not only related to Maharishi Kashyap but is also his grandson and is the son of Lord Sun. This makes him wonderful and endows upon him, a matchless personality. It is not only due to this reason that Shani preaches the path of divinity even by becoming a servant to human beings whenever required, and no doubt, these are his hereditary qualities.

    Shani is also a great devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said that due to some reasons, his father, Lord Sun was once annoyed with his mother Chhaya and was about to curse her. Lord Shani could not tolerate this attitude of his father and to defend his mother, decided of becoming much more powerful than his father. Without any hesitation he asked his father about the method to become much more powerful than him. The great father, lord Sun, was extremely pleased to know that his son Shani, desired to become more powerful than Him (the Sun). Most fathers want to see their sons much more perspicuous and powerful than themselves. Accordingly, he asked Shani to go to Kashi and perform the ‘Abhisheka’ and worship Lord Shiva by making a ‘Parthivalinga’. Lord Shani performed this performance (Anusthan) very sincerely. Lord Shiva was pleased with Shani’s devotion and dedication and bestowed upon him his blessings. Lord Shani asked of him for two boons. The first that he should be much more powerful than his father, the Lord Sun and the second that he be at seven times more distant from the Sun and to be surrounded by the seven sub-planets. Lord Shiva bestowed his grace by granting these boons and blessed Lord Shani

    From the above fact, it’s quite clear that Lord Shani has all the inborn qualities with Lord Shiva’s blessings and can satisfy the devotees, blessing them without any delay.I feel privileged to introduce you to Lord Shani and I have to clarify your misconceptions about him. As said before "Jananam Karamphaldo Graharupi Janardanahe" i.e. God himself incarnated in the form of the planets to reward and punish human being according to their deeds. The Divine also created a court of Justice in the form of these planets to deliver the fair and timely judgments to the people, in line with their own deeds. Lord Shani was also designated as a Chief Justice among these planets. However, people have misunderstood him to be a cruel and horrifying planet and are threatened by his name. Not only this, but the so called Astrologers with little knowledge, exploit the innocent & the ignorant people and make money in the name of Lord Shani. I believe that no more explanation is required to introduce Lord Shani, and by now you must have become familiar with him.

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    However, I certainly feel pity and get irritated over those impatient and ignorant people, who start blaming him as a cruel, a malefic and an unlovable one, whenever they have to face some petty problem.

    When we think seriously, it becomes crystal clear that this era is the era of the favouritism & bribery. Even cheats and dacoits of the highest order are freed by bribery since "Might is Right". In this modern age, only those who are tolerant to others’ ill-deeds, are praiseworthy, irrespective of their post & position. They are successful in every phase of life. They may achieve their goals through bribes or some access. Honesty is deemed to be a curse and fair deal is known as a cowardliness. It is why the honest officers are tortured to such an extent that sometime they commit suicide.

    There is no scope for any bribery, flattery or the "Right of Might" in the court of Lord Shani. Here you have to accept and experience the results of your deeds, good ones or the bad ones. Believe me, its only the Lord Shani who is capable enough to deliver such results. All other planets merely support him in owing his duties and they all deliver their effects only through Lord Shani.

    The decisions made by Shani can never never be challenged like the ones made by the Supreme Court. Even lord Shiva and Vishnu have to approve these decisions. The only petition that gets a hearing are the good-deeds, the prayers, the pilgrimage and the respect paid and service performed to the Guru, mother, father, guests and sages. Such Karmas definitely do undo the punishment for one’s misdeeds and he is blessed for his real good-deed in the present times. This is the only out which we can make our unfavorable situations as favourable, thereby enabling our life to be peaceful and contented.

    It is a bare fact of life that the authority of fructification of the good-deeds and misdeeds is granted by Lord Shani only. The results of good-deeds and misdeeds go hand-in-hand and Lord Shani is very strict in delivering their results. He is very strict while punishing as well as while rewarding. While punishing, he brings people down to earth and thus leads them towards the final liberation (Moksha), the ultimate goal of life. Only Lord Shani has this power, like a goldsmith who purifies gold by melting it, Lord Shani also purifies human life by making them realize their follies. There are many examples when Shani, within a very short time span has turned the most powerful and rich people as beggars during his main-period (Mahadasha) or the sub–period (Antardasha) or the sub-sub period (Pratantar-Dasha). I think it is sufficient to tell that Lord Shani gets pleased through prayers and the worships, and leads mankind towards Moksha, after granting them the worldly and the heavenly treasures both.

    Even females can worship lord shani

    It’s surprising that a major class of the society considers females unworthy of worshipping Lord Shani. Incase someone asks them the reason thereof they are kept quiet. Some of them consider woman folk to be untouchable, where as some others consider them to be the weaker sex so that they are dread of the awful (horrible) form of Lord Shani. Instead of having faith and fidelity, their heart is shocked to look at Shani and they are badly horrified. It can harm them in many ways i.e. physically as well as mentally. However, such an idea is really fake, baseless and imaginary too. It has no traditional basis. So there exists no such reason; for which Lord Shani can’t be worshipped, adored or offered oil by the females.

    Please, reflect upon it, our sages have considered them to be goddesses like and said, “Where their ladies are respected, the gods roam about there”. So how can such honoured persons can said to have been called impure. They are said to be the better half of the males. In case they are impure, how can man (male members) remain pure? In our classical books, it is mentioned very clearly that if a man performs any religious ceremony,

    without been accompanied by his wife, his pooja is not fructified. It can’t be a complete pooja. Even Lord Shiva, not accompanied by his Shakti (Maa Parvati) remains Shava (the dead one) because its the force (Shakti) that makes Lord Shiva to move or only shakti makes him 'Lord Shiva', the 'Eternal'.

    Our ancient sages have never looked down upon females. They have rather considered them worthy of pooja and called them goddess like. Our classical books like Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana & Geeta etc. have never ever said them unworthy of worshipping. In all times they (females) have been worshipping Lord Shiva, Maa Durga and the saints and the gurus etc, so how can they be deprived of worshipping Lord Shani, who is the devotee of the Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, who is the devotee of Lord Ram.

    It is possible that in some specific times, at certain place or owing to the native himself or due to difference of the situations and circumstances we are living in, some female be declared unworthy of worship. However, such exceptions can’t be quoted as examples for the sake of all times and for the common person. Such exceptional rules are applicable to men also. However, for such reasons all humanity can’t be deprived of performing Pooja. During the reign of foreign invaders, all of a sudden, the veil-system was prevailing in our society; it was unavoidable under the then circumstances. However, we are continuing to such exceptional rule of the society, which is no more useful under the present circumstances. It is not a wise step. In olden times, almost all categories of society maintained this veil-system. It may be a reason behind that females were forbidden from worshipping these Lords.

    However, these days, people are far more educated. These days, women folk are shouldering social and financial liabilities going hand in hand with men. Veil-system is almost over. Under these circumstances, been bounded of certain forced veil-system of the medieval age it is objectionable to deprive them of worshipping any of the gods and goddesses. Lord Shani and Hanuman treat all human beings equally. He may be a man or a woman; he may be an illiterate or a learned one.

    It makes no difference as to which does worship them and who does not these lords are not affected. Somebody considers women folk unworthy of worshipping the gods, to Lord Shani it hardly matters. He will shower his bliss to whomsoever he wishes to bless. He will also bestow his anguish over those whosoever deserves it. He is the chief justice among the jury of planets. He alone can make a perfect judgment. He never believes in favouritism. He always acts impartially. He makes them to undergo the results of their good deeds and misdeeds irrespective of the fact that one is a man or a woman. Some of them give a plea to it that women folk are impure because of their mensurative cycles but it is not justified. Except for the four-five days of her menstrual cycle, she is but pure enough. For those specific days, she herself completely takes care of.

    Some rigid people say that Lord Shani, Lord Hanuman, Lord Balaji are such Lords as maintain Celibacy. Therefore, they should not be touched by or worshipped by the women. The celibacy is maintained through controlling over your minds and your sensory organs. Those who have control over their minds and the sensory organs, they can’t be afraid of been worshipped by a women or been served or contemplated over by a woman. It can’t be a hindrance for their Celibacy or Devotion (Tapa) etc. Such an idea is even accepted by a commonly determined man too. On the other hand, Lord Balaji, Lord Shani and Dev poorush Hanuman ji are such Lords as provide their adoration to their devotees, after having all their troubles been done away with. So, their devotee can be a man or a woman, it makes them no difference. They are hardly concerned to it. God does never distinguish between them. He is simply a lover of his devotees and he takes care of them.

    Since time immortal, the sages, the saints and the gurus have been from among both the categories i.e. the people maintaining celibacy or the people having families. Those who were insane, they also had to live with the people having families. Moreover, both men and women had been their devotees and they all were equally treated by them. God bestowed their grace over them equally in departing self-realization (knowledge of the self) to them. If such Saints, the Sages and Mahatamas (great people of their time) can be abide by the principles of the celibacy, how can Lord Hanuman go so weak that he is moved by the glance of a woman or can become anguish. It can’t weaken him nor can his greatness be questioned this way!

    Maa Anjani, mother of Lord Hanuman, herself has sung his worthy songs. If she, being a mother, can sing his worthy songs, why other women can’t do the same being his daughters? It is a point to be noted! Obviously such a forbiddance is baseless and useless ones.

    The principle of depriving them (women) from worshipping Lord Shani is purely imaginative. Its a great injustice, keeping them deprived of the worship of Lord Shani by calling them impure. If they get impure for a certain period of time, even the men do get impure likewise. However, they (men) are not finally deprived of any pooja. Then why such an injustice is done to the women folk. This principle is not at all justified! Worshipping Lord Shani by females is not harmful. Its not an offence. On the other hand besides worshipping Lord Shani wife of Lord Shani is also worshipped. This way he gets easily pleased. He is concurred over easily and happens to be friendly. Thus, he starts giving favourable results of his dasha periods. He deprives the devotees of their most formidable sins, too.
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    Oh, Yes! The principle of embracing the idol of Lord Shani in wet cloths, after having him bathed by oil i.e. ‘Telabhishek’, is quite inconvenient to ladies because doing so they are supposed to wear unstitched clothes and this pooja has to be performed in wet cloths alone. So such performances are supposed to be made by their husbands or the sons. Hence its not that they are kept aside because of impurity but its due to inconvenience to be borne by them to maintain the above principles of ‘Telabhishek’. Till date, we have not been successful in making such arrangements for the women folk at ‘Shani Dham’ so that they themselves can join the performance of ‘Telabhishek’. It is planned to make such arrangements very shortly, in order to enable themselves, to perform ‘Telabhishek’ to Lord Shani.

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