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    To Create the Universe, Lord Shiva separated his power (Shakti) from himself. Shiva represents the Masculine power, while Shakti the feminine. Since both masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) are part of him, shiva is known as Ardh-Nar-Nari-shwar (God who his half male and half female).

    When Brahma started creating the universe, he found his creations would die out someday and he would require creating again. He failed to think of a way so that the process of creation could go on itself. Then he turned to Lord Shiva for advice. He worshiped Shiva for long time. Pleased with his devotion; Shiva appeared before him. He took a special form – half of which was male and another half was female. He hinted Brahma to create a reproducing specimen. He also hinted on equality of male and females for the creation. This form of Shiva was popularly termed as Ardha-narishwar form.

    Shakti is an inseparable part of Shiva. Shakti represents the feminine aspect of Shiva; in fact the creation. Shiva and Shakti complement each other. There is no existence of Shiva without Shakti or Shakti without Shiva. Shiva is inactive. Shakti is the dynamism of Shiva. Shiva merely plans; it is Shakti that executes. So what is the relation between Shiva and Shakti?

    Shiva is the cause; Shakti is the action.
    Shiva plans; Shakti executes.
    Shakti is the conscious mind; Shiva is Subconscious mind.
    Shakti is brain; Shiva is the heart.
    Shiva is Brahma; Shakti is Sharaswati.
    Shiva is Vishnu; Shakti is Laxmi.
    Shiva is Mahadevaa; Shakti is Parvati.
    Shiva is water in ocean; Shakti is the wave.

    Shiva-Shakti is like ocean. Shiva is the water and Shakti is the wave. What is wave? It is water in motion. It has not existence with water itself. And water without wave or motion is stale water. Similar is the relation of Shiva and Shakti.
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    Lord Shiva is also said to be ‘Ardha-Narishwar’, that is half male and half female form.
    The right half is usually the male Shiva, illustrating his traditional attributes and left half is female shiva (Shakti)

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