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    A 36-year-old woman (widow) was arrested for allegedly forcing her two daughters, including a minor girl, to have sex with her boyfriend in Chhattisgarh.
    The woman's boyfriend, Zumman Khan (24) has also been nabbed.

    Leelavati Yadav was arrested for allegedly pressurising her daughters to have a sexual relationship with her 24-year-old boyfriend.

    After the death of her husband in 2009, Leelavati had an affair with Zumman.

    Four years ago, they started living together and the woman's daughters who are 18 years old and 16 years old also stayed with them.

    Meanwhile, the woman told her daughters to have sex with her boyfriend. When they refused, they were allegedly beaten up brutally.

    On March 30 this year, after her elder daughter refused to sleep with Zumman, he removed her clothes and brutally thrashed her.

    The incident happened several times during the past two years.

    When the girls' relatives learnt about it, they lodged a complaint.
    Dear folks, we are not against any religion but against the fundamentalists.
    Love Jihad is very dangerous issue.

    The fundamentalists with Arab thinking will train the youths for having affairs with non-muslim girls / ladies.

    They target college going girls preferably those who stay in hostel, & widows.
    They get your numbers from Mobile shops where girls provide their numbers for recharge.
    It starts with a missed call and then sms and then they make you fall for them.

    Their intention?

    To exploit non-muslim girls, convert them to islam, use them as child making factory and then find another prey.

    Please teach your daughters, sisters, friends about this threat.
    Precaution is better than regret.
    Love Jihad-


    Kerala CM on Love Jihad -
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    The Meerut woman who has claimed she was gang-raped and forced to convert to Islam has told a court that her suffering began three years ago when a 'friend' first tried to convince her to change her religion.

    "When I was studying in Class X, a Muslim girl in my neighbourhood befriended me. She used to tell me good things about Islam, that I would get rich if I converted," the 20-year-old reportedly said in her statement to the court on Tuesday.

    "Last year, Nishat helped me get a job as a teacher in a madrasa for a monthly pay of Rs 1,500,"
    Next she was 'coerced' into wearing a veil by madrasa head Sanaullah and his wife Shabnam, allegedly with the collusion of Nawab Khan, the chief of their village.

    "That is when they kidnapped me and took me to a madrasa in Hapur town, from where I was taken to yet another madrasa at Datoi in Hapur. There, I was drugged and raped by four persons," she told the court.

    The victim's medical examination has confirmed she was gang-raped.

    "My physical condition deteriorated on July 28, so they called Sanaullah. He took me to a hospital in Meerut where an ultrasound revealed I was pregnant. They took me to Muzaffarnagar, where I underwent surgery (for abortion)," she revealed.

    It was at the Muzaffarnagar madrasa that she got the chance to run away and contact her family on 3rd August.
    "They kept me in solitary confinement and forced me to eat fish after I refused to eat cow meat. "

    The victim claimed that her conversion was forced.

    "At a madrasa in Datoi, they forcibly converted me. But I did not sign the papers. The conversion affidavit was signed by someone else."

    She further said that her kidnappers tried to pacify her by saying she would be married off to a rich person.

    "They said like other girls, I would be given a bungalow and would be married to a rich guy," the victim said.

    Meanwhile another similar incidence has come to light in Gaziabad .... and here we thought that this happened only in PAKISTAN
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    Companionship and marriage are matters of personal choice. Any form of compulsion here is a sign of conservative societies. Which is why, even arrange marriages in our country are done with consent of the individuals involved.
    However, having said that, a new form of monstrosity has come into light where interfaith marriages are being performed with the sole intention of religious conversions. This turns a marriage into a weapon of offense in a war of attrition between two communities.
    Marriage which is a sacred relationship becomes an act of religious jihad, an act of vengeance and hatred.
    What's known at the moment is that a large number of cases exist where a girl was married to and then forcibly converted.
    This is a pattern seen all over Bharat, it's on everyone's minds as a matter of grave concern so its time to call spade a spade- this is a form of jihad by the means of luring innocent young women - it's Love Jihad, as it’s commonly known as.
    P.S. there is a favorite secular argument "Even Hindu boys marry Muslim girls, what about them?
    Those giving this lame argument must know two facts:
    1) Many Hindu boys have been known to convert to girl's religion, as a pre-requisite to the marriage
    2) A few hundred instances of Hindu boys marrying non-Hindu girls is nothing compared to thousands of cases where it’s other way round. Now given the fact that Hindus are a majority community in India - the figures should have been the other way round as can be seen elsewhere in the world.
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    Hindus just need to wake up to the realities. The more reports in the news, the more talk we can do about it, the better.

    In any mixing between aggressive forces, and mellow force, the aggressive force wins out. So in a dispute in a marriage, whoever is the more stubborn usually wins out. It's sad to say this, but the very basic reason Hindus are in this situation is we're too nice. If one out of the couple has to change religion, 99% of the time it will be the Hindu. Many peace-loving societies on this planet have gone the way of the dinosaur. What a sad dance.
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    Namaskāra Senthil,

    I agree with you. We must wake up and take up kśatriya in defense of Dharma. We must address this now, and that is something that Rajiv Malhotra has been trying to address through his writings and his books, "Being Different," "Breaking India," and "Indra's Net." "Invading the Sacred" by another author reveals the academic arm of European-stock governments to destroy Dharmic civilizations, because there is no room for anything outside of the Abrahamic world. This has to end. I am looking for a way to devote the rest of my life to Dharma.

    The "being nice" part about it comes from the nature and culture of Dharma, to a fault. It has to be maintained that the Kśatriya varṇa has to be made very strong in relation to the other varṇas. The nature and culture of Dharma is even reflected in the language. Take English, for example. Do you notice that we pronounce the word "note" as "nowt," and "not" as "naht?" How do you know which pronunciation to use, since the vowels differ depending on the word?? You have to be a part of the culture to know how to pronounce it. How about the past-tense words "demanded" and "happened?" I can remember clearly getting tripped up on the pronunciation of these two words. My stepbrother corrected me on the word happened because I thought it ended like demanded. It comes from the idea of shibboleths, means of identification based on language usage, how you dress, act, carry yourself, etc. But in particular in language, they are means of screening people for foreigners, spies, potential enemies trying to gauge the weakness of your village(s). You cause them to trip themselves up in front of you with lack of understanding of the commonly accepted usage of the language. The harder a language is to use, not so much because of the complexity, but because the rules change all the time, the more enemies the speaking culture probably has. I see this evident in the modern-day languages like Hindi, where the schwa syncope rule of final and medial vowel deletion in speech does not occur 100% of the time, but around 90%. The other 10% of the words will trip you up if you don't know them, especially when different pronunciations have entirely different meanings.

    Now, take saṃskṛtam... Notice how the pronunciation rules are a lot more uniform? I'm guessing that the sandhi rules are strictly adhered to. The reason I bring this up is because in Dharmic culture, for the most part, there was no need to linguistically segregate people in the way Europeans do. People trusted one another better and didn't have near as many things to hide as the Europeans did (trusting-but-verifying and sleeping with one eye open at all times). It becomes natural to relax the military stance because it is expensive to maintain this readiness, and people would rather live in the other aspects of Dharma. India found that out when it finally routed the Islamic militants and reclaimed many parts of present-day India. The lesson is, never lay down arms, especially when people not raised in a dharmic civilization are around as potential invaders. It's a sad thing to have to have a military at the ready to defend civilization, but it is a necessity as long as we are humans and many are on the rough path of ignorance. You need to have a way to protect people who are not schooled in the means of self-defense, especially against military-grade hardware.

    Ignorant, this Love Jihad business scares me, and forces me to reveal my hand of not feeling secure enough to relinquish control over my firearms. I'm just waiting for the day that happens in the US in some way. Right now, in the backwoods parts of the US (east Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, etc.), Christians are lashing out in anger and fear for being called on proselytization in the hallways and classrooms, handing out bibles in the hallways to the exclusion of other authoritative scriptures, prayers in school, school-sanctioned Gospel music on school buses, etc. I'm afraid to witness what will happen when they realize the writing is on the wall and their aggressive world closes in on them as a reflection of their actions.

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