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    Our love for wealth has made us to ignore, neglect our health and goal of our life.
    We rarely realise it, and by chance if we realise it by that time we will have very little time either to improve our heàlth or realise goal of Human life. Realising God is real goal of human life.

    So wisdom lies in taking care of our health since beginning so that we remain happy and healthy in the second half of life also which is not possible for all.

    In indian culture and practice we celebrate every stage of life it shows importance of each stage of life. And every function starts with worshipping the God. It clearly shows worshipping God improves quality of our life with development of wisdom, health and other good qualities. Remebrance of God will golden touch to our life.
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    Praise be to lord Jesus Christ
    Praise be to lord Jesus Christ always

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