Magnitude Of Atrocities caused by Abrahamic religions

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    This is an interesting article about how western scholars constructed a distorted and manipulated version of Vedic History ,its scriptures and purans... DO READ IT...


    When Knowledge becomes a part of Business the country is Ruined.

    Mugals destroyed Maximum Manuscripts Physically & Britishers destroyed Manuscripts Physically & Mentally from the mind of Bhartiya people.

    If we carefully look into the works of the Englishmen and Europeans published during the 167 years of uninterrupted English rule from Warren Hastings in 1772 to the beginning of World War II, we can clearly see that hundreds of books were published relating to the topics of Indian religion, history and culture. In nearly all of them we can find malicious falsification and manipulation of history according to a definite political plan as desired by the British Colonial Government. William Jones laid the foundation in 1784 AD for the ‘Western’ History of Ancient India. He deliberately created the problem of the two (2) Chandra Guptas and thus reduced the chronology of India by a span of 1200 years to fall in line with the chronology of the Bible. This pattern of distortion was continued and perfected by Lord Macaulay, who financed Max Muller (1823-1900) to translate the Rig Veda in a way that would destroy the beliefs of the newly English-educated Indians in their ancient literature so as to further the cause of Christianity and facilitate the process of Christian conversion of India.

    During the long periods of Hindu (Guptas and their successive dynasties, southern kingdom of Vijayanagar and Mahrattas) and Muslim rule, Hindu Scriptues such as the Vedas, the Ramayana, the Mhabharata, the Puranas and other devotional songs and prayers were not preserved in manuscripts or printed books However, it was due to the ingenious ideas of William Jones, Colebroke and Wilson that a new face to Hinduism was crafted. British scholars of Asiatic Society ‘constructed’ a new Hinduism by utilizing fake contemporary manuscripts and projecting them as genuine. Wellesley established in 1800 Fort William College, modeled on Oxford or Cambridge, with a staff of professors teaching Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Sanskrit, as well as courses on Muslim and Hindu law, English jurisprudence, and traditional European studies such as the classics.The British scholars of Asiatic society employed Sanskrit-knowing Brahmin priests to recite from memory century old Hindu scriptures Scientists say that memory loss begins at the age of 40. Brahmins recited by including many Christian and contemporary ideals which were popular in Calcutta at that time to make Hinduism modern. Even Indian History was constructed by British scholars from scratch. The Indus Valley civilization was brought to light by John Marshall and the very existence of Emperor Ashoka was revealed to the world by James Prinsep in 1837. According to Thapar, British scholars of Asiatic Society “constructed Hinduism.” So it was a new, remodeled and modified Hinduism written in chaste English including Christian and contemporary ideas that was presented to the West to get their admiration.

    Like the British Government of Colonial India, we find that the anti-Hindu evangelical Firangi Memsahib UPA Government of India today is equally engaged in actively and openly manipulating the pro-Islamic and pro-Christian NCERT Textbooks.
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    Gwalior fort one of the biggest forts in India built in the 8th century.Gwalior Fort also occupies a unique place in the human civilization as the place which has the first recorded use of zero ever. it records the oldest "0" in India for which one can assign a definite date. On the approach from the southern side, intricately carved rock cut temples of 21 Jain thirthankaras most of them were defaced by mohamadens. The rare artifacts on display at the museum are the Hindu and Jain sculptures dated to 1st century BC and 2nd century BC. Thr's a Jauhar Kund Palace' where sati was performed by the women to escape frm evil mohamadens...All the Jain sculptures were defaced and castrated by muslim armies of babar,ghazni,timurlan,qutubudin aibak,lodis,suris...etc In that last pic According to a British curator in 1881 as engraved >>> clearly reads how Mohammedans destroyed these beautiful structures.

    The history of Malaparamba Maattummal Narasimha Moorthy Temple the traditions, the folk lore and cultural practices associated with worship in this temple — are indeed very interesting. Around four Kilometers down the road leading from Angadipuram Railway station, the capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Valluva-Naadu, to Vallaan-cheri there is a scenic hill area called maala-parambu. In the Angaadi-puram Sub Division on an area measuring 600 acres there once stood this 4000 year old majestic and stately Lord Narasimha Temple. Maattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple destroyed by Tippu Sultan in 1794, were also attacked and obliterated with Islamic fervour by the Moplah marauders. More than 2000 Hindus in Malabar District were slaughtered by the Moplahs in a matter of days. More than 25000 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam. Islamic gangsters looted the property of Hindus and occupied their lands. There was no end to molestations, abductions and rape of Hind girls and women.

    KashiVishwanath temple

    1st Pic.=Present KashiVishwanath temple 2nd=Top of Gyanvapi masjid visible frm the ghats it was constructed after demolishing kashi temple. 3rd=a old pic of gyanvapi masjid 4th=aurangzebs farman for Demolition of the temple of Viswanath (Banaras). August 1669 A.D. 5th= Sat view of Kashi temple n masjid 6th=This is the well in the temple called the Jnana Vapi (the wisdom well) and the Jytorlinga was hidden in the well to protect it at the time of invasion.The main priest of the temple jumped in the well with the Shiv Ling in order to protect the (Jyoti-r)Ling from the invaders. Note: Kashi is one of the mort sacred towns in India and reference to the worship of Shiva as Vishveshvara goes back to very early times. Kashi itself enjoys highest sanctity since times immemorial. According to the Puranas, every foot-step taken in Kashi Kshetra has the sanctity of making a pilgrimage to a tirtha. Lord Vishvanatha is regarded as the protector of Kashi and the belief is that one earns great religious merit by having darshana (view) of the deity after having bathed in the Ganges. After destruction of the temple on Aurangzeb’s orders, a mosque was built which still stands there as a testimony of the great tolerance and spirit of forgiveness of the vedics even towards those who had for centuries desecrated and destroyed their temples and other places of worship and learning, and also as a lesson that “mutually uncongenial cultures”, when forced by circumstances to intermingle in the same Geographical area, result in such calamities. A portion of the sculpture of the demolished temple, probably built in the late 16th century, still survives to tell the fate of Aurangzeb’s vandalism and barbarity. The present temple of Vishveshvara was built by Ahilya Bai Holkar of Indore.

    A Hindu temple that was converted to a mosque now known as Adhai-din ka Jhonpra.The mosque was built in two and a half days, thus named Adhai-din (two and a half days). Another belief is that its name is attributed to a two and a half day fair held nearby each year. The edifice was originally a SANSKRIT college, but Muhammad Ghori Destroyed the structure converted it into a mosque in 1198 and built a seven-arched wall inscribed with verses from the Koran. its built from masonry taken from broken down Hindu and Jain temples. Of special mention are the pillars which hold up the ceiling in the main chamber. An intricate jali (screen) under a raised arch was added by Sultan Altamush in 1230AD. Colonel James Tod, the Britisher who was the first to map Rajasthan and write about it in immense detail, describes the Adhai-din ka Jhonpra as a temple in his book Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan Volume I. He writes that "the entire façade of this noble entrance … is covered with Arabic inscriptions … but a small frieze over the apex of the arch is contained an inscription in Sanskrit." The Arabic script he attributes to Ghori who used local masons and artisans to break down this originally Sanskrit centre of learning and built a mosque in its place. Perhaps that is the reason why the mosque was completed in two and a half days, for the original infrastructure must already have existed. The interior of the Jhonpra is more on the design of a Hindu temple than that of a mosque, with a main hall supported by numerous columns. Three pillars are placed over each other to gain more height while the roof is supported on square bays. The columns are of an uncommon design, heavily decorated and quite similar to Hindu and Jain rock temples, each of one being dissimilar to each other. Their bases are large and bulbous, tapering as they gain height, with nichés to house images of gods and goddesses. Even the ceiling is an extensively carved adventure, below which is a pulpit especially constructed to deliver sermons from the Koran.

    Vedic temple remains found under the debris of a Dargah in PuneShaikh Sallahuddin Algari Nizami Chisti Rahmatullah Alahi ,Chhota Shaikh Sallah Dargah is in the process of constructing a waiting room for the kin of the deceased at the graveyard on its premises. The dargah premises is situated at 1279 Kasba Peth near Kumbhar Wada, Dengale bridge. Balkawde said that being a member of Samajik Ekata Va Sanskruti Raksha Samiti, he had made a representation to the state home department. He also submitted memoranda to the city police and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in 2008. "The place where the dargah is situated used to house a temple almost 1,000 years ago. The Gazette of Pune mentions this temple as Punyeshwar Mandir," he added. Balkawde has requested the authorities not to allow any construction work at the site, as it would lead to finding the remains of the Vedic temple, which could create problems. Balkawde on Monday demanded that the construction work be stopped immediately and that it should be done only in the presence of archaeologists and officials of the archaeology department. The member of the Kasba Peth Muslim Jamat Committee, Ibrahim Papamiya Attar, said the dargah was historic and 700 years old. He said that the graveyard did not have a waiting room and that was the reason for the construction. He added that the PMC officials as well as archaeology department officials visited the site and prepared a report. However, he is unaware of the details of the report. While informing the media persons, Shri. Bulkawade said that according to the historical records, the ruins are of temple built in Yadava reign. There were Shiva and Vishnu temples at Punyeshwar and Narayaneshwar on the banks of Mutha River. Muslim Sultan Allauddin Khilaji attacked southern India. Later, he appointed Bada alias Bura Arab as his first Muslim administrator in the year 1194. During that time, one 'Avalia' called Nizamuddin came to Pune from Delhi along with his 700 followers. Two of his disciples named Shaikh Isauddin and Shaikh Saluddin started propagation of 'Islam'. These two disciples destroyed the Shiva and Vishnu temples. In the holy book 'Gatha' written by Saint Namdev, there is a mention of these temples. After their death, in place of Narayaneshwar temple, Shaikh Sallah was built in the name of the elder and in place of Punyeshwar temple; Shaikh Sallah was built in the name of younger shaikh in the year 1330. Pune got its name from the name of the temple 'Punyeshwar'. In the year 1918, Pune municipality had found some ruins of the temple when development work was undertaken e.g. dwarshakha of the temple, idol of Sree Vishnu, an idol of a hermit, other idols of Vedic deities, 'Shiva-linga', Gomukh etc. these ruins were handed over to the Indian Historians Committee. This is a proof of 'idol-breaking' mind-set of Muzzeels... t is a slap on the face of so-called secularists and is one more proof of the theory that 'Attackers are always breakers; they can never be creators'. It is not a coincidence that after Paithan, ruins of temples have been found at Muslim structures at Pune; but it is an evident proof that Muslims have been 'idol breakers'. Even in excavations at Babri Masjid, ruins of Vedic temples have been found; but despite so many proofs, Muslims are claiming it as their structure and even Government is keeping mum. Vedics should not be under the wrong impression that Govt. would do anything for taking over their structures but need to unite and fight for getting back their own structures appealed Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS for the State of Maharashtra Every mosque is a built over a Vedic temple P.N. Oak, Senior Historian Shri. P. N. Oak has said that it is his theory that every mosque is a taken over Vedic temple. This applied to even 'Kaba', a Muslim holy place. He said that he has won a number of cases in court based on this theory. Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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    Temple in KeralaBroken idols discovered from the old temple premises...of Kulapully Sree Krishna Temple built from the remains of a centuries old temple left uncared for and hidden in the wilderness, has become a symbol of love,equality and devotion.The area in which the temple situated now was once Kongu Kingdom...During the 18th century the temple got destroyed due to the islamic invasion led by Tipu Sultan n his evil Father Haider Ali who had plundered and destroyed many temples of Northen Kerala... the above Picture is just a few remnants of thousands of temples demolished by Hyder ali n tipu sultan... they are the ones reposible maximum no. of forced conversions in south India... mass killings of innocent civilians atrocites on Iyenger Brahmins...etc... Sanjay Khan producer actor of sword of tipu sultan...admitted in an interview...that the story was based on Gidwani's novel... n did not showed the real story of the true Devil Tipu Sultan...

    Atala Masjid ancient Atala Devi temple JaunpurJAUNPUR It is a town situated on the north shore of the basin of the River Gomti. On the south shore called Zafarabad, there are remains of many razed Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. This mosque is called Atala Masjid .It was built at the site of a Vedic temple that deified a goddess named "Atala Devi", using the temple's materials.A large number of its pillars, brackets, lintels and flat ceilings were extracted from Hindu monuments.It was built by Khwajah Kamil Khan in 1373. Also another theory assumes that it was built by Shams al-Din Ibrahim (1402-36) in a place where Firoz Shah Tughluq was planning to build a mosque. (Matsuo Ara) yet another example of Vedic styled pillars been used...

    Atala Masjid Jaunpur JAUNPUR It is a town situated on the north shore of the basin of the River Gomti. On the south shore called Zafarabad, there are remains of many razed Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. This mosque is called Atala Masjid .It was built at the site of a Vedic temple that deified a goddess named "Atala Devi", using the temple's materials.A large number of its pillars, brackets, lintels and flat ceilings were extracted from Hindu monuments.It was built by Khwajah Kamil Khan in 1373. Also another theory assumes that it was built by Shams al-Din Ibrahim (1402-36) in a place where Firoz Shah Tughluq was planning to build a mosque. (Matsuo Ara) yet another example of Vedic styled pillars been used...

    True History of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi: === Birth Place of Krishan Ji... The Garbha Griha, in the temple premise is the exact place where lord Krishna was born. The stone walled cell is reminiscent of the cruelty of King Kansa. Many statues and sculptures of the bygone era were found on excavating the site. The prison cell was gradually turned into the present beautiful temple. === The first temple here was constructed almost 5,000 years ago by Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Lord Krishan. The next big temple was constructed here during the time of the Gupta Emperor Chandragupta II around 400 AD. This temple was so grand that it was said that neither painting nor description could describe it.Then came the first Malleech ruler Mahmud Ghazni he destroyed the temple in 1017 AD along with several other Hindu and Buddhist temples in the holy city of Mathura. === Another temple was built here in 1150. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu visited this temple. It was again destroyed by Mohammaden the 16th century during the reign of Sikander Lodi. During the reign of Jahangir, Raja Veer Singh Bundela of Orchha constructed another temple about 75 m (250 ft) high at the cost of Rs 3.3 million.The great temple of Keshava Rai at Mathura was built by Bir Singh Deo Bundela during Jahangir’s time at a cost of thirty-three lakhs of rupees. The Keshava Rai Temple was one of the most magnificent temples ever built in India and enjoyed veneration of the Hindus throughout the land === But then again it was Destroyed by the most Barbaric Malleech Mohammaden ruler Aurangzeb...demolished in the month of Ramzan, 1080 A.H. (13 January – 11 February 1670) by Aurangzeb’s order as noted by several Hindu historians,his farman still preserved.In a short time, by the great exertion of the officers, the destruction of this strong foundation of infidelity was accomplished and on its site a lofty mosque was built at the expenditure of a large sum”. To the author of Maasir-i-‘Alamigiri, the accomplishment of this “seemingly impossible work was an “instance of the strength of the Emperor’s faith”. Even more disgraceful was transporting the idols to Agra and burying them under the steps of the mosque of the Begum Sahib “in order to be continually trodden upon”. The painting to the left shows the demolition of the great temple, on Aurngzeb’s orders in progress and subsequent uncivilized conduct towards the idols. === IN the second Pic to your right u can see Jami Masjid, This was erected on the foundations of the once-famous Kesava Deo temple, destroyed by the Aurangzeb. === During British rule in India, the area came under direct rule of British India. In 1815, the East India Company auctioned the area of Katra Keshavadeva, which was purchased by the then Raja Patnimal of Banaras. Although, the Raja of Benaras wanted to build a temple there his wish remained unfulfilled and the family had fight several legal battle for ownership of land with Muslim community of Mathura, in which, the court finally ordered that the land belongs to present heirs of Raja of Benaras. === In 1944, Madan Mohan Malviya was distressed at plight of the site and arranged for purchase of land from Raja Krishna Das of Benaras, who sold the land only at cost of Rs. 13,000/- recovering just the cost of fighting court battles. Meanwhile, Malviyaji without seeing the temple work begin. Then Jugal Kishore Birla of Birla group decided to take the leading role to fulfill the wishes of Malviyaji and formed a private trust in 1951 to which the rights of land were later transferred. Jaidayal Dalmia of Dalmia Group was another leading personality, who took untiring efforts and the temple was finally constructed over the site. The trust which runs the temple has a glorious list of Trustees besides Birla and Dalmia family members like Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar, Anantashayanam Iyengar, Swami Akhandananda Saraswati, Swami Vamdevji Maharaj. The present head of temple is Mahant Nrityagopal Das. The construction of the temple was completed in 1965 at a cost Rs 15 million. === I have seen many moron Hindus using this pic of Keshav temple and Jami mosque as a symbol of Hindu muslim bhaichara... but in reality it was a symbol of victory of islam over Vedic faith... they didn't succeeded completely but thanks to the secular regime of congreess and thr favoritism towards islam... Hindus are still living the life of second citizen in thr own mother land... we couldn't even construct one Ram Mandir which has been proven that Babri Masjid was constructed over a Grand Hindu temple... how will we get our pride back... how will we regain our lost temples and glory back... === Problem with congress is that they don't give a shit about Hindus...They are Hindu hating murders and Muslim sympathizers... How do we save our motherland Bharat from the clutches of muslim sympathizers the Kale angrezz the bloody conressis...
    Below Fatehpur Sikri Lies an ancient Jain City :Below Akbar's Fatehpur Sikri, lies an ancient Jain city This is a real shame for those historians who glorified Akbar as a only "Muslim Secular Emperor of Mogul India". He was no different than all other " Typical Jihadi" bunch today. Once again I have to say This is what religious intolerance does... Not just greed to loot a prosperous land, but an indomitable passion to destroy its culture. And the first targets are the places of worship. Too bad Allah did not give a message to respect other faiths. © Real History Of Jainas as it relates other religions of India.
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    Once again I have to say This is what religious intolerance does... Not just greed to loot a prosperous land, but an indomitable passion to destroy its culture. And the first targets are the places of worship. Too bad Allah did not give a message to respect other faiths... This discovery assures our claim that Taj Mahal is an ancient Vedic Monument ( TejoMahal or Shiv Temple or a monument right abv a Vedic Temple ) Sadly today even graver problems are within India its not just the outsiders we should be worried abut but we have major internal problems starting with the SECULARS biggest threat of all people suffering form Stockholm syndrome hell bent on appeasing the minorities and mind u a 25 Crore strong Minority weird isn’t it ,then comes Castism ,Political corruption ,lack of patriotism, Kids learning false history ,glorification of false heroes etc etc. as if there is not end to it ... Its surprising how still people want to remain ignorant bcoz they simply dnt bother... or they are too scared to speak the truth if they might hurt the sentiments of minorities... its not the muslims I hate, I am just strongly criticizing thr spiritual manual Quran , n yes its full of hatred, racism & arrogance ,no cause doubt abut it… Straight frm the coming of Mhd. till now... thr hands are soaked with the blood of millions & Millions of innocent… thr blood soaked history and terrorism is not hidden from the world... no justification required for that... the islamic conquest is still going on... they cannot openly invade countries today as they did in the middle ages... hence they have devised a new form of Jihad... TERRORISM & rapidly expand their population across the globe... But I wonder why people are so numb and scared to speak on this... why are they so desperate to please Islamics...instead of questioning them... nafrat karna Sanatan Dharam ne kabhi nahi sikhaya but dharam ki Raksha karna aur sach ke liye awaaz uthana zaroor sikhaya hai,aur Yehi Kshatriya Dharam hai… its not abut taking vengeance now for what they have done in the past ,its just abut speaking the truth… if they have ruined an ancient monument or history and constructed a muslim structure rght above it or perhaps converted a temple to a mosque, the truth should be openly revealed ,aap kab tak logon ko khush karne ke liye apney itihaas ka mazaak udwaoge. Seculars often claim that we didn’t invaded any country in our entire history we are peace lovers and all those gr8 thing… yes that is true and the thought is well appreciated but does that mean u want to sit down an appreciate what the invaders did to your country those who sabotaged ur country and forced ur people to some alien third world deseart man made religion… and if that was not enough Terrorist like Akbar,Babar,Sher Shah or Tipu Sultan were made National heroes… this is absolutely absurd and hilarious and enough to prove that we are suffering from Stockholm syndrome and we are actually losers.
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    well you seem to have researched thoroughly..yes i do agree abrahmic religions are kind of on mission of peace with words but their pratical approach have never backed their claims well until hindus sign off the cult of secularism that surpasses the actual secularism it never gonna help .. three countries divided from hindu majority area and still hindus talk about secularism..
    Listen to this and you will realize what are the real atrocities and threats to the holy places of hinduism today!

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