Mathsya Avathar - The first Avathar of Lord Vishnu

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    The first Avathar of Lord Vishnu was the Mathsya Avathar, where he takes the form of a fish, as illustrated below:
    Legend has it that when the evil asura king Hayagriva's tyrannies reached an unbearable limit, the Lord took the form of a small fish and entered the kundalam (water bowl) of the pious King Satyavrata (Manu). The king took the fish into his shelter, but was amazed to see it grow abnormally. He shifted it to a larger vessel, then to a pond, but finally decided that only the ocean could accomadate it. It was then that the Lord revealed his true form.

    The Lord said that the time had come for the next cycle of creation. He directed Manu to assemble one example of all species on earth, and along with the seven great sages (Saptrishi) and the king of serpants, Vasuki. There would be a huge flood within a week, enough to engulf the earth, but the Lord would steer them through it.

    As promised, there was a massive flood, and the Lord killed Hayagriva. Then, he sent of huge boat to Manu, who boarded it along with the various species of plants ans animals that he had collected. Vasuki served as a rope to tie the boat to the fish's horn. Thus, Lord Vishnu eliminated evil and paved the way for a new cycle of life form to flourish on the earth.

    It has been proved by science that the earliest life forms on earth were aquatic. Thus, with this 1st Avathar of Lord Fishnu, the process of human evolution begins...

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