Meaning & Definition of Japa By Swami Bhaskarananda

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    Japa is the chanting the holy name of God or a prayer, over and over again.
    Medium pace is best.
    Japa is most efficacious if the meaning of the Mantra is remembered while it is chanted.
    Mantra=prayer or holy name/s of God.

    Benefits of Japa
    · Enables one to gain control over the mind,
    · purify it,
    · master concentration, &
    · eventually have God-vision.

    3 main techniques of Japa
    1. Chanting aloud-Vachika Japa
    2. Whispering- Upangshu Japa
    [lips & tongue moves & only the chanter can hear the Japa.]
    3. Silent Chanting-Manasa Japa
    [holy words chanted mentally without creating any audible sound.]

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