Meaning & Significance of Lord Ganesha's Body Parts

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    Lord Ganesha is popularly known as vighan harta (vanquisher of obstacles) and is also the lord of success. The elephant headed god rides on a mouse and is a son or Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

    Lord Ganesha is an important part of Hindu history that takes mankind to sat yuga . The destroyer of evils and obstacles is worshiped by the devotees as of knowledge, education, wealth and wisdom. every good work done by religious Hindus are started by the name of Lord Ganesha.

    Significance :
    • Ganesha's head : represents the soul or Atma ( ultimate truth of human existence).
    • Ganesha's body: represents Maya or the materialistic approach of human life or the earthly existence of mankind.
    • Ganesha's elephant head: Sign of wisdom.
    • Ganesha's trunk : it represents Aum ( cosmic reality).
    • Ganesha's upper right hand holding a goad: it signifies the help of humans to propel forward on the eternal path of bliss and apart from this it signifies the removal of obstacles from the way.
    • Ganesha's noose in the left hand : implementation to capture and win difficulties in the human life .
    • Ganesha's holding broken tusk (he broke for writing the Mahabharata)in his lower right hand : symbol of sacrifice.
    • Ganesha holding rosary : signifies the pursuit of knowledge which should be continuous.
    • Ganesha holding laddoo (sweet) in his trunk :signifies that mankind should discover the sweetness of real self (atman/soul).
    • Ganesha's fan-like ears : signifies that he is all ears to our petition.
    • Snake(runs around Ganesha's waist) : signifies energy in all different forms.
    • Ganesha's mouse: signifies humbleness

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