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    1. Meditate on the all-pervading air, ether, light, expansive sky, expansive ocean in the beginning to render the mind subtle and fit for abstract meditation.

    2. Meditate on abstract virtues, viz., mercy, generosity, magnanimity, courage, patience, peace, balance, poise, etc. Possess these virtues also to the maximum degree. Become an embodiment of these virtues. Have the mental image ‘Om Courage, Om Mercy.’ Repeat these formulae several times daily.

    3. Meditate on the following. Take up one formula every month. Repeat the formula several times daily.

    Vedantic Formula:

    (a) Nothing exists (names and forms).
    (b) The world is a long dream.
    (c) Nothing belongs to me (Whenever anybody dies in your house, whenever you lose anything, repeat this formula several times daily. You will have real peace of mind).
    (d) I amnot the body (I am distinct from body). I amnot the mind (I am distinct from the mind). I am not Prana (I am distinct from Prana). I am not Indriyas (I am distinct from Indriyas). I am Immortal Atman. (Body idea will disappear).
    (e) I am Sakshi OM OM OM
    I am Sakshi of mind OM OM OM
    I am Akarta OM OM OM
    I am Asanga OM OM OM
    (f) I am Immortal Atman OM OM OM
    (g) I am Satchidananda Brahman OM OM OM
    (h) I am Brahman OM OM OM

    Those who meditate on the above ideas and formula will become changed. They will become veritable Gods on earth, radiating joy and peace everywhere. After doing some practice, stick to one idea only. This one idea will die by itself when you get established in Brahman, in pure Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Take any triplet which you like best and meditate on that seriously in right earnest.

    4. Meditate on the following. Feel and identify yourself with the whole world.
    Formulae for Meditation
    (a) The whole world is my body.
    (b) The whole world is my home.
    (c) I suffer and enjoy in all bodies.
    (d) I work through all hands.
    (e) I eat through all tongues.
    (f) I see through all eyes.
    (g) I hear through all ears.

    This will result in Cosmic Consciousness and oneness of life. All sorts of Ghrina, hatred,envy, jealousy, will vanish. You will become one with the Virat and Hiranyagarbha.

    5. Meditate on these ideas:
    (a) All is good.
    (b) All is sacred.
    (c) All is one.
    (d) All is God (Brahman).
    (e) All bodies are mine.

    6. Positive Nirguna Meditation
    (a) I am the All.
    (b) I am all-in-all.
    (c) I am the Immortal Self in all.

    Feel this. Feel this.

    Vedantic Assertions (For Self-Realisation)
    1. Enquire “Who am I?”
    2. Find out the “Seer” of sight.
    3. Thou art neither body nor mind, O Sushil! Thou art the Immortal Atman. Feel this. Feel this.
    4. Deny body, deny world. Assert. Recognise. Realise. “I am the living Truth. I am the living Reality. I am Satchidananda Brahman. “Aham Brahma Asmi”—“I am the Immortal Self.”
    5. Roar: OM OM OM, Soham, Soham, Soham Sivoham, Sivoham, Sivoham, like a lion of Vedanta and come out of this cage of flesh

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