Melica Amina Miss Iran 2009 loves Hindu, Hinduism and India

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    As per the collected information I was able to make out the Miss Melica Amina was in Love with India and Hinduism.
    she had verbalized saying that "Hinduism IS NOT a Religion BUT a WAY A LIFE ! She loves India and festivals of India which comes from hindu ancestory , she is very much found of diwali and she enjoys celebrating it. she also says that she is a big fan of India and her future plans are to stay and work here as she is very much close toIndian culture and people she thinks that she understands Indian people very well.

    her other statements regarding India are is as follows:
    Melica says: India is a great country with great culture, heritage and history.What I see that today’s new generation try to be westernized & they don’t appreciate their own culture. Indian attitude, history is very
    excellent and I really want the new generation to appreciate their own country and don’t imitate western culture or life style . Indian culture is the beauty of India. I hope new generation will stick to their. India is 7000 year old whereas US is around only 1000 years old then why Indian imitates foreign culture.
    Below is her Picture taking blessings from Hindu Saint 'Hindu Muhasebe " Guru @ Hindumuhasebe Office .


    Melica amina Worshiping Yama Buddha


    Melica amina LOVES Hinduism India

    Melica amina sitting near feet of lord shiva statue

    Melica amina's love for Hinduism can be seen with aum in her hand


    Melica "MISS IRAN 2009" also visit Mahabodhi spirtual Center some years back

    As per tweet she has converted to Hinduism and she is Hindu now apart from this she is a Yoga Teacher/Practitioner now!

    But as per her message Last month she said "People ask Me what religion I AM, and I’m never sure how to answer that except to say, “I have a personal relationship with the Divine.”"

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