Men of stable mind win the race

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    Only those people are poor and wretched who are instrumental in making their actions bear fruit. Endowed with equanimity, one sheds in this life both good and evil. The wise man possessing an equipoised mind, renouncing the fruit of actions and freed from the shackles of birth, attains the blissful supreme state. The sage whose mind remains unperturbed amid sorrows, whose thirst for pleasures has altogether disappeared, and who is free from passion, fear and anger, is called stable of mind. He who is unattached to every thing and meeting with good and evil neither rejoices nor recoils, his mind is stable. When like a tortoise which draws in its limbs from all directions, he withdraws his senses from the sense-objects, his mind becomes stable. Sense-objects turn away from him, who does not enjoy them with his senses; but the taste for them persists, this relish also disappears in the case of the man of stable mind when he sees the Supreme.

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