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    You would be aware that the Buddha was born on Full Moon day, he attained supreme enlightenment on the Full Moon day only and he also entered Maha Parinirvana on Full Moon day.

    Full Moon day is very auspicious and highly fruitful for spiritual perfection. The attainment of Samadhi and/or Enlightenment becomes easier on this day. The Full Moon day is famous in spiritual world for intensive reflection and meditation.

    The importance of the Full Moon day for spiritual growth and excellence is paramount. That is why the Buddha had instructed to his Monks as well as lay Disciples to gather and practice Meditations on this day, which is called as UPOSATHA, for "the cleansing of the defiled mind," resulting in inner calm and joy.

    On this day, lay disciples and monks intensify their practice, deepen their knowledge and express their compassion for the entire creatures without discrimination.

    In Hinduism also Full Moon Day is believed to be perfect day for Meditation and Spiritual upliftment. Hindus believe on Full Moon day the Moon remains with 16 Kalas. These are: 1.Amrita,
    2.Manada, 3.Poosha, 4.Tusthi, 5.Pusthi, 6.Rati, 7.Dhruti, 8.Sasichini, 9.Chandrika, 10.Kanta, 11.Jyostna, 12.Shree, 13.Preeti, 14.Angada, 15.Poorna and 16.Poornamruta.

    By practicing intensive reflection and meditation or Samyam (Dharana, Dhyan & Samadhi) on this day, Yogis attain 16 Siddhis which consists of 8 major Siddhis viz., Anima, Mahima, Laghima,
    Garima, Prapti, Prakamya, Vasitvam and Ishitvam, and 8 minor Siddhis :
    1. Freedom from hunger and thirst.
    2. Freedom from the effects of heat and cold.
    3. Freedom from Raga-Dvesha.
    4. Doora Darshan, clairvoyance or Dooradrishti.
    5. Doora Sravan, clairaudience or Doora Sruti and Doora Pravachana.
    6. Mano-Jaya, control of mind.
    7. Kama Rupa: The Yogi can take any form he likes.
    8. Parakaya Pravesha: He can enter into another body, can animate a dead body and enter into it by transferring his soul.

    other minor Siddhis that a Yogi acquires are as follows:

    9. Iccha-Mrityu: Death at his will.
    10. Devanam Saha Kreeda and Darshana: Playing with the gods after seeing them.
    11. Yatha Sankalpa: Can get whatever he likes.
    12. Trikala-Jnana: Knowledge of past, present and future.
    13. Advandva: Beyond the pairs of opposites.
    14. Vak-Siddhi: Whatever the Yogi predicts will come to pass by the practice of Satya, Prophecy.
    15. The Yogi can turn base metal into gold.
    16. Kaya-Vyuha: Taking as many bodies as the Yogi likes to exhaust all his Karmas in one life.
    17. Darduri-Siddhi: The jumping power of a frog.
    18. Patala-Siddhi: Yogi becomes Lord of desire, destroys sorrows and diseases.
    19. He gets knowledge of his past life.
    20. He gets knowledge of the cluster of stars and planets.
    21. He gets the power of perceiving the Siddhas.
    22. He gets mastery of the elements (Bhuta Jaya), mastery of Prana (Prana Jaya).
    23. Kamachari: He can move to any place he likes.
    24. He gets omnipotence and omniscience.
    25. Vayu-Siddhi: The Yogi rises in the air and leaves the ground.
    26. He can point out the place where a hidden treasure lies.

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