Misconception- Caste system is the spiritual class system

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    When people hear about 'doing spiritual practice as per theBramhin, Kshatriya, Vaishya,orShudraspiritual classes,' they often misunderstand and think that one is advocating the caste system as practiced in India a few decades ago. However, the context in which these words are used in spirituality is very different. Spiritual classes are a part of the system of spiritual practice. The spiritual class of an individual is based on his spiritual constitution or potential (gunas, i.e.sattva, raja, tama) and actions (karma, i.e. what the individual offers to God).

    Unlike the caste system, the spiritual class system is independent of the individual’s birth, religion or social status. As the seeker progresses spiritually, he moves to the next higher spiritual class or method of spiritual practice. Caste is in reference to the social system; it is decided at birth and remains the same throughout one's life.

    Essentially, a spiritual class is the method of spiritual practice for an individual, depending on his spiritual qualities, capabilities and needs. The four spiritual classes (varna) depict the four different methods of spiritual practice or the actions an individual is supposed to commit for spiritual growth

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