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    Modi Government atlast responded to the Shree Kirit Somaiya Ji’s query on Government’s stand on beef exports which included meat of ox, cow, & calf in india. Ms. Nirmala Sitaraman (Honourable Minister of State for Commerce & Industry) has come up with the official statement on the sentiments of Hindus in India.

    Below is the letter from Minister of State for Commerce & Industry which shows that export of beef is prohibited in India under the current Foreign Trade Policy.


    The proud moment for Hindus in India Atlast government is banning the beef export.
    The decision by modi government might save many cows from getting slaughtered in India

    Source:The Namo patrik
    Jai Hindutva.
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    How does banning help in stopping cow slaughter ?
    I think this is no solution rather banning cow slaughter houses would be right approach but honestly speaking as long as India has muslim population banning beef exports , banning cow slaughter won't help.
    Only solution that I see is that, killing of cow should be made illegal wherein anyone doing so should be sentenced to death.
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    Read the second sentence in the paragraph #2 - However, as per the distribution of legislation powers between Union of India and Preservation of cattle is the matter on which the State Legislatures have the exclusive powers to legislate.

    Please explain this whole paragraph. It seems to say that while such animals cannot be exported as beef, the States can do what they need in regards to preservation of cattle. What are the implications?
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    strangely i just came to know that , Cuba a communist also banned cow slaughter much before India did.
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    Indian government bans beef would had been better title as its not just modi government but its indian government as well.
    I would like to know what does the lines mention below mean ?
    "However, as per the distribution of legislative powers between union of india and states preservation of cattle is matter on which the state legislatures have the exclusive powers to legislate. it is therefore, for the state govts to enact such legislation's. enactment of law on cow slaughter does not follow under the purview of the central govt"

    Does it mean that its upto state governments to ban cow slaughter or not ?
    if so how can Indian govt stop complete cow slaughter, it will always depend on the state government of country.

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