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    Once a saint came to a village. he used to solve the problems of people around.and since every one knew this fact they all wanted to tell their problems to saint to get remedy of their problem .since everyone in the village starting telling their problems when the saint was sitting in the shade of tree, its was difficult to understand anything. saint suddenly shouted. 'Silent'. All the villagers became silent. saint then said, "I will solve everyone's problem. Instead of everyone telling their problems verbally - Bring a paper slip and write down your problem and give it to me

    in quick time the paper slips was flooded near the saints feet. saint put the papers in a basket and asked everyone to stand in a circular manner

    Pointing to a man said, "starting from you come one by one to me -everyone should pick one paper from the basket which is not theirs and sit in their seat .now read each others problem.what i can do is i can replace your problem with the one you wanted.if you think your problem is bigger than bring the slip paper which problem is lesser bigger in shall transform your problem to that one and when you decide than come to me
    when people read each others problems they became scared of problems.they were reading problems of each few minutes everyone thought they had problems that they can fight on their own but the problems of others were beyond their reach and every person in the village was accumulatized to sort out the problems they had in their life's
    to everyone's surprise not even one person in the village came to exchange their problem
    Moral :....................................................? you decide and tell

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