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    P.V.Narasimha Rao, the most underrated Prime Minister of India so far. All that is good about today's India is his doing. He was a gift of God to India, otherwise, The Gandhi Dynasty had bankrupted the country second time within two decades.

    First time, the bankruptcy ended in Emergency. Second bankruptcy was threatening to disintegrate the country itself. PVNR took over the country at the most perilous time.
    There was no money. Economy was comatose and going nowhere, as socialism had borne its fruit. And as happens in poverty, be it a household or a country, quarrels were raging everywhere.
    He solved the most intractable problems of the time, and liberalised the economy, rolling back Nehru-Indira stupidities a bit. And the country saw the flowering which stands to this day.
    In fact, had The Dynasty not come back with a vengeance, 2004-2014, we might as well be catching up with China by now.

    Congress disowned him of sorts because he had nearly thrown out the Gandhis out of power. Also, during his regime, The Babari Mosque was tore down, ending a five century old symbol of jihadi oppression of native population.
    It is said, the day Babri was being taken down, PVNR sat in a puja. Frantic phone calls were made to him by the union ministers requesting directives to act upon the crowd (like Mulayam did in 1990 and killed several thousand unarmed kar-sevaks).
    However, he had clear instructions not to be disturbed while he was in puja.

    It is said, when last stone of Babri tumbled down, he got up from his puja went to the national TV and requested everyone to maintain calm.
    Something Congress and everyone knows but refuses to accept for fear of losing its minority vote bank.

    A joke among leftists goes as such: if you tore off PVNR's dhoti, inside you'd find a sanghi's khaki knickers
    Anecdotes apart, he'll forever be remembered by the right thinking Indians as the pioneer in economic reforms of India, the first step towards breaking the shackles imposed by the left upon the people of this country. Salute PVNR, the Republic will forever be indebted to you. May your wisdom light the minds of present day politicians too.

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