Muladhar Chakra

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    The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. Working your way up the body this is your 1st chakra. It is sometimes called the base chakra. The ancient Sanskrit word for this chakra is Muladhar Chakra, meaning root support.

    This chakra is your energy foundation, and is where you connect with your physical body. By connecting with this chakrayou feed both your physical and spiritual needs. Through this chakra you are guided on your journey through life.

    In BalanceWhen your Root Chakra is balanced energy is free to flow down into the earth, as well as being drawn up from the earth. It gives you a feeling of security. Life seems stable when this chakra is in balance. At the same time you are filled with active positive energy, giving you a strong sense of community and good relationships.

    With this chakra in balance you have a solid foundation to build your life upon.

    Out of BalanceWhen this chakra is out of balance you may feel as if you don’t belong, you may feel disconnected from others or over concerned with your personal survival and security. Your experience of these feelings may come in different degrees of severity depending upon what you’ve experienced in your past.

    You should take into account any past traumatic life experiences from your early years, they can influence how these characteristics manifest.

    Finding balance in your Root Chakra builds a solid foundation in support of all your other chakra centers.

    The Earth ElementI find it fascinating how our bodies are connected in many ways to the earth and all its elements.

    All solid matter is associated with the Root Chakra. Focusing on the earth element in meditation can help you gain a sense of stillness and groundedness. Also bringing elements from the earth into your meditation space is helpful in adding to the atmosphere and to remind you of your connection with the earth. These elements can be anything from rocks to gem stones, pine cones, or even soil.

    MeditationFocusing on images that will ground you in the present time and space are helpful. Imagine a strong tall oak tree as representation of your inner strength and the calm of your inner spirit.

    Visualize the branches of the tree reaching for the heavens and its roots going deep into the earth to draw back up through its trunk and into its branches vital nourishing earth energy.

    You can also use affirmations in your meditation practice for this chakra.

    • Affirmations
      “I am grounded in the strength and calm of my inner spirit.”
      “I share the light from above with the earth below; the earth sustains and heals me.”
      “I recognize and honor my connection to the earth.”
      “I draw the healing energies of the earth into my being and return to the earth love and light.”
      “I am grounded in the knowledge that I am where I need to be at this time.”
      “My life force is strong and grounded.”
    Go ahead and create your own affirmations to reflect your personal feelings about being in balance with this chakra. This is your physical and spiritual foundation, honor it and keep it strong.
  2. Muladhara Chakra:

    – base of spine (perineum in men, cervix in women)
    Element – Earth
    Colour – Red
    Sound - Lam

    This Chakra is:
    Associated with the sense of smell, inner stability and balance
    Associated with the adrenals and kidneys, coccyx and lower spine, colon, bones (including marrow) and legs
    Because it is associated with the earth element, this chakras is the energy centre for our most basic instincts of survival. Therefore it is connected to the adrenals as they provide the fight or flight instinctual behaviours.

    [​IMG] Focusing on maintaining your lower spine’s optimal alignment during asanas helps to keep this chakra unblocked.
    [​IMG] Exercises which lengthen the lower pelvic muscles help to release tension from the coccyx. (Back bends and lunges)
    [​IMG] Mula bandha lightly engaged helps to unblock this chakra.
    [​IMG] Aswini mudra (contraction of the anus) stimulates this chakra
    [​IMG] If you feel discomfort in your coccyx area, if you have fallen on it etc the chances are that your Muladhara chakra is out of kilter and you may need the help of a chiropractor or osteopath. The more this chakra is out of sync with your body the less grounded you will become.
    [​IMG] Focusing on grounding through the feet and legs helps this chakra to function well.
    [​IMG] Leg strengtheners and stretches stimulate and release this chakra.

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