Muslim man honored by 200 year old Shiva temple trustees

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    A 75 year old businessman named Noorul Hasan, shall be honored by trustees of 200 year old Shiva temple in Sadar area of Lucknow on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri.

    Noorul Hasan, shares his house boundary wall with the Shiva temple, he has been associated with the religious Shiva temple establishment since many years and has contributed notably towards its restoration.

    “Noorul Hasan has been imparted in many activities of the temple to best of his abilities there by providing space for ‘bhog’ (temple food) preperation, making sure that water supply remains flowing from his house for the custom of the ‘abhishek’, he usually takes part in monitoring day-to-day activities of the temple and plays very important role in the decisions made by trustees as per the office-bearer.

    Noorul Hasan keeps on getting heaped with praises but he humbly says that "He have been part of the temple work since long now. The temple was in a bad shape. and hence temple trust decided to restore the temple, so we all including temple authority have decided to do our best to facilitate it,” he said.

    His beliefs that religious intolerance can be eliminated from the society if people start respecting diverse ideologies. He further says that his family believes that every thought process and religion should be respected,” “People should impart in doing their bit for other religions as well. He says that he tries doing as much as he including his family can do for the temple.”

    Noorul Hasan take part in all the events hosted by the temple authorities.

    Looking at Noorul Hasan's contribution to the temple, temple authority have decided to felicitate him on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri,” as per Rajesh Chandra Agarwal.
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    These kinds of stories are heartwarming. They show humanity at its best. It reminds me of a Muslim shopkeeper here who always gave me a discount on supplies meant for temple. Thanks for posting it.
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    I hope someday people start thinking beyond religion and "ism" , this will make better place to live in.

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