Namaste : I bow to the god that resides in you

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    Hinduism is the most established of the world's beliefs and its starting points is dated between 10,000 - 7,000 BC in present day India. Hinduism is a dharma or lifestyle advanced by the considerable sages and soothsayers of old India. Its conventions stretch out back before written history. Regardless of the oldness, Hinduism is still a living and developing religion and has Global acknowledgment.

    Hinduism is likely the most lesser known religion to the World yet it is the confidence of a billion souls in India. The purpose for this is there are no Hindu or Indian preachers or forcing of religion or attempting to spread the confidence exercises among Hindus. Hinduism is the main religion which says that distinctive religions additionally prompts the same god in spite of the fact that in his numerous structures. This is the excellence and uniqueness of Hinduism.

    Hinduism is otherwise called Sanatana dharma. The importance of the word Sanatana is what has no starting or end and that which arrives dependably. Dharma alludes to the 'right method for living' and 'appropriate behavior' in a religious sense. Concerning deep sense of being, dharma may be viewed as the method for the higher truths.

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