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    Glad to be here and look forward to getting to know everyone here on the forum.

    I would like to start start straight away with my question. I know its not easy. I do not often go online to discuss things.

    What is the nature of Brahman.

    Mahavakyas: The Great Contemplations

    Sanskrit: English:
    1. Brahma satyam jagan mithya Brahman is real; the world is unreal
    2. Ekam evadvitiyam brahma Brahman is one, without a second
    3. Prajnanam brahman Brahman is the supreme knowledge
    4. Tat tvam asi That is what you are
    5. Ayam atma brahma Atman and brahman are the same
    6. Aham brahmasmi I am brahman
    7. Sarvam khalvidam brahma All of this is brahman

    My question is based on the first 2 contemplation's

    Brahman is real, the world is unreal

    Brahman is one without a second.

    My question is, what is saguna brahman and prakriti in realition to Brahman, what is its oneness, difference and dependence if any.

    Advaita means not two or non dual, why is the world considered as unreal but then Brahman is one without a second.

    In 11th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita

    Arjuna Says

    paśyāmi tvāḿ sarvato ’nanta-rūpam
    nāntaḿ na madhyaḿ na punas tavādiḿ
    paśyāmi viśveśvara viśva-rūpa

    O Lord of the universe, O universal form, I see in Your body many, many arms, bellies, mouths and eyes, expanded everywhere, without limit. I see in You no end, no middle and no beginning.

    In Vishvarupa Lord Krsna is revealing to Arjuna that he is the whole of the universe and what ever Arjuna see's of the form of Krsna.

    How to understand the real from the non real.

    The Mahavakyas are contemplation's or meditations, we first start with the neti neti and negate the avidya which is mis-identification with the body, mind and senses as the the self.

    When one reaches through purification of mind via mediation and samadhi one then has the vision of sarva khalvidam Brahma. Does this mean that he then see's matter or prakriti on the same level as Brahman or is this a deep level of Samadhi where he see's only the spiritual substratum the nonphysical noumena as all pervading.

    Hari Om Tat Sat

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