Nehruvian-Congressi definition of Democracy

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    Nehruvian Democracy works on the Idea of not majority rule but rule by well-organized and well-connected minority groups who works against the majority.
    This is achieved by "Keep the Majority Divided and Keep the Minority United", which is an continuing policy of Divide and Rule of Britishers.

    In common Hindu mindset, unfortunately after 1947, this has long being injected by Marxists Historians and Secular-Politicians that, Britishers ruled India because they divided Hindu and Muslims, by the notion of Divide & Rule, but this is "not" true at all.

    The reality was in-fact opposite, Britishers used this policy of "Divide and Rule" on Hindus only, like, "Keep the Hindus divided, and Keep the Minorities United", under this policy, they provided the divided Hindus the leadership and projected them as national leaders. In 1947, This has resulted in Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh and a Sickular India, and this is still continuing policy under the rule of Congress and its allies UPA.

    This if continued for long, will result in disintegration of India.

    There won't be any India, if there is NO Hindus. Hindus need an "Intellectual Revolution" and "clear mindset" towards the National Security and Unity. Hindus should themselves abolish Caste system and its Caste Politics. Unite under one Hindutva Movement.

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