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    When science fails Hinduism starts .Science has failed to get the actual age of Hinduism and its believed that Veda/Hinduism originated around 1200 B.C and even before.

    Hinduism is oldest religion of this world and the origin of Hinduism has very deep roots in subcontinent . Nepal is one of the major part of Hinduism with its roots of Hinduism.

    Nepal is only region in sub continent that have never been captured by any invaders. mountain kingdom gives equal respect at all other religions but the soul of Nepal still remains Hindu.

    Nepal is world's only Hindu Kingdom but due to combined tactful ploy of moists, anti Hindus and missionaries. it has lost its glory following way of India (pseudo secularism in India which led injustice and degradation of Hinduism in their own land depriving many Hindus equal rights in their own land)

    Buddhism originated from Nepal and India with lord Buddha being born in lumbini Nepal and it is 2nd largest religion followed by Nepalese, others religions that exists there are being Islam & Christianity.

    As we all know that Hinduism does not have missionary orientation and approach it had no single founder but what i hear now a days from majority of nepali hindus is that missionary activities are taking Nepal Hindu on by targeting innocent Hindus to convert by their tactful ploys.

    This all started by first declaring Nepal as non Hindu nation

    Hinduism has been binding the hindu kingdom for ages with success and glory

    Here is population graph of Nepal based on religions

    Hinduism 86.51%

    Buddhism 7.78%

    Islam 3.53%

    Christianity, Tantrism & others 2.17%

    Hinduism is integral part of Nepal .as per 1991 census, approx 89.5 percent of the Nepalese are Hindus by faith .

    Nepal is still following solar Hindu calendar(based on Vedic principles of time-keeping.) called Bikram Sambat (B.S.) and it is also national calendar of Hindu nation Nepal hence everyone follows this scientifically inclined calendar.

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