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    Namaskāra everyone!

    Something just came to my attention in the news a few days ago because a name familiar to me is in this article.

    The name that comes up is an NGO, Sabrang Trust, one of the members of the FOIL nexus (Forum of Inquilabi Leftists - I have the paper on it if you want it). Then I find out that close to * 9,000 * NGOs had their registrations cancelled upon studies of foreign interference in India’s affairs through NGOs was confirmed. Sabrang was FINALLY caught! Finally!

    Here’s an older article on the situation - - Notice the US is not happy about this action. It has been wanting to subvert Dharma in India from the beginning.

    AND today, I see this from the same news web site:

    They RAIDED the business owners' home. You know, it's funny that people don't get up in umbrage about FOIL tearing India apart, but as some as the India government starts standing up, everyone gets in a bind over it... Now, this article states that over 13,000 NGOs have had their registrations cancelled. They have been REALLY busy. I hope they realize that they're in danger of losing Bharata if they don't clamp down on FOIL ASAP.


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