Osho on Laziness and Meditation

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    [A new sannyasin said she couldn’t get into the Dynamic meditation mainly because she was lazy....]

    Osho – If it is just laziness, then it is good to continue meditating. It is good if laziness disappears – laziness makes one toneless. The sharpness of consciousness is lost, and one becomes blurred. Nothing else is wrong in being lazy. It is just that one becomes a little blurred, and a little muddle-headedness by and by is created. One cannot remain alert, aware. One tends to become unconscious, sleepy. And sharpness of consciousness is one of the most important things in life. It should be like a sword, so that it can cut all roots of all complexes.

    Just make a little more effort. If you are going two steps, go three, that’s all. When you have settled with three steps, go four

    source – osho book “nothing to lose but your head”

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