Osho on real face – The real face means facelessness

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    [A visitor asks: I want to know if you can see my real face. What does it look like?]

    Osho – There is no real face. The real face means facelessness. All faces are false because the reality has no form, it is formlessness. That is what is meant by the real face. One has to go beyond the form because deep down you don’t have any name, you don’t have any form. Deep down you are just emptiness, pure emptiness. It can’t have any face because it has no matter in it. It has only nothing in it. It is just as if you peel an onion layer upon layer: you go from one layer to another layer and you go on peeling and peeling and finally nothing is left.

    All faces are layers and everyone has thousands of faces. It changes every moment. When you are happy you have a different face, when you are sad you have a different face; when you are succeeding you have a different face, when you are failing you have a different face. In the morning one face, by the evening another. There are so many faces but they are all false. The face as such is false.

    When Zen people say ’Go and look into your original face’, they are saying that if you go on looking for the original face, you will have to discard all faces and then suddenly one day you will find that there is no face left – this is you! It can’t be seen. If it can be seen, again some layer is still there; you have to unearth more. And that is our originality, that nothingness. Out of that nothingness everything has arisen, and one day everything will disappear into that nothingness again.

    To know it is to know that you are unborn, that you are undying. To know it is to know that you are neither man nor woman. To know it is to know that you have always been here and you will always be here – that you are eternity. But then you are not… something is, ’x’, indefinable.

    Yes, I can see it, but ’seeing’ is just a metaphor. I can see it because I know my nothingness, so I know your nothingness. The taste is the same because it is the same nothingness, there is no way to distinguish two nothingnesses. I have peeled my onion and I have seen that there is nothing inside. I know your onion and every onion is the same.

    Source: Osho Book “Let Go!”

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