Parable of the elephant and the blind men

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    Sri Ramakrishna: "Once some blind men chanced to come near an animal that someone told them was an elephant. They were asked what the elephant was like. The blind men began to feel its body. One of them said the elephant was like a pillar; he had touched only its leg. Another said it was like a winnowing-fan; he had touched only its ear.

    In this way the others, having touched its tail or belly, gave their different versions of the elephant. Just so, a man who has seen only one aspect of God limits God to that alone. It is his conviction that God cannot be anything else.

    Source: from book "Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna"
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    It's a GREAT STORY to show how we can Transcend from a Dualistic/Exclusive approach into a more (W)holistic/Inclusive WAY of thinking.

    => We're taught since "The Beginning" from the "Fall of Man" that EVERYTHING is Relative BY comparing Opposite Polarities, as in the "Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil".

    => The OTHER Tree present in the "Garden of Eden" story is "The Tree of Life".

    => Before "The Original Sin" we were "One with God".

    "The Elephant and the Blind Men" story shows us a refreshing viewpoint from another "Source of Spiritualism".

    Stories can be a Powerful Way for us to share Life Lessons, telling Truth through Fiction.

    => Whether we Believe them to Be Real or Illusive, is just another Perceptual Choice of Reasoning.

    I don't recollect ever hearing the term Jainism (although I'm sure we all have at some point), although now it's Sparked MY Interest!

    => I do however, definitely recall hearing this Beautifully written piece of literature more than once before.

    => It's a form of Compassion to give people the benefit of the doubt & not be so attached to what we see from where WE stand.

    => Instead we can Learn to put OURSELVES in the shoes of others, which Ultimately Broadens Our Horizons & Opens Up the playing field to Unlimited Possibilities with Infinite Outcomes & SOULutions!

    To ME, just reading stuff like this & putting our Focus, Attention & Energy into these types of Fun & Uplifting Words is what Opens Our Minds & Hearts, Enlightens Us, Wakes Us Up, and Fills Us with Light & Love.



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