Paundraka Vasudeva

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    Paundraka Vasudeva was the Raaja of Karuusha desham. He always used to try to imitate Shri Krishna. He used to dress like Shri Krishna, wearing Piitaambaram, carrying Venu and Shikhi Pichchham (peacock’s feather) on the kiriitam (crown). He also got imitations of Sudarshana Chakram, Paanchajanya Shankam, Koumodaki Gada, Padmam, Shaarnga Dhanuh (bow). He also put a mark on his Vakshasthalam and said it is Kaustubham.

    Though he was doing all this, Shri Krishna, the Purushottama, never got Krodham. He thought may be atleast by imitating My outward appearance, his internal behaviour will change.

    But no. Paundraka was no Bhakta to imitate outward appearance of Shri Krishna and change his buddhi. Infact, he started saying he is the “true Vaasudeva”, not Shri Krishna. He used to tell everybody, with Ahankaaram, that He is Paramaatma not Shri Krishna.

    Sarvagnya, Shri Krishna, even then didnt get any Krodham. He tolerated the duushanams of Paundraka. However once with Garvam, Poundareeka went to the extent of imprisoning Parama Bhakta and sakha of Shri Krishna, Sudaama.

    Bhagavaan can tolerate anything but not His Bhaktas being tortured. He immediately reached Poundareeka, did his samhaaram and saved Sudaama, His priya-mitra. Once again God proved that He is a Bhakta-sulabha.

    Morals in the Story:

    Imitating, following Mahaapurushas is good, but following Them fully is very very difficult. Paundraka could only imitate outward appearance but not the Dharma-buddhi of Shri Krishna.
    Ahankaaram is the root cause for one’s destruction. With Ahankaaram, Paundraka thought he was only God, behaved like a Kruura and imprisoned Bhakta Sudaama.
    The greatness of a Bhakta is well shown in the story. Shri Krishna didnt get angry with Poundareeka until he tortured His bhakta, Sudaama.
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