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    When we chant mantra like gaitri mantra or hanuman chalisa it develop an intense power to our nerve, what is link behind this energy develop in our mind at the time of chanting?
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    Well like as I always say sound has force and is energy. like wise mantra's is also energy and has certain amount of force depending upon the type of mantra's we chant.
    Apart from this scientific blend we also have spiritual upliftment attached to it where a person can lift self towards the higher consciousness of the self. mantras basically consists of sounds which is very important part of transformation which leads to power and strength.
  3. A mantra is a transcendental sound vibration which means it has a special quality which transcends this world of five senses. Man – meaning ‘mind’ and Tra - meaning ‘to draw away’.
    By practicing Mantra, we are drawing the mind away from the mundane and focusing on a spiritual sound.
    Mantras can be repeated quietly in the mind, or softly so that only the person saying it can hear, or loudly so everyone nearby can hear.
    When we begin in the process of Mantra meditation we start to become aware of other realities beyond the five senses.
    A mantra has more than it means to the ear.
    It is a very special transcendental sound and you will be able to perceive the transcendental nature of a mantra more as you practice it more.

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