Powerful summary Of Karna's life

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    1. Birth with kavachkundal
    2. Training by Lord Parshuram
    3. Bore pain to prevent disturbance in sleep & first cursed by guru then got 'Vijay bow' for dedication
    4. Entry in Rangbhoomi & better performance than Arjuna
    5. Insulted by Bhima by word 'sutas are dogs' & then decleared as 'Angraaj' by Duryodhan
    6. Insulted by Draupadi in swayamvar on ground of cast
    7. Single handly defeated all kings of Aryavrat in Bhanumati Swayamvar
    8. Vanquished Jarasandh in wrestling
    9. Insulted Draupadi by calling her 'unchest'
    10. Digvijay Of karna (Won Entire Earth on single chariot)
    11. Donation Of Kavach Kundal
    12. Birth secrete revealed by Lord Krishna & offer of Draupadi along with rularship of world
    13. Kunti begged to spare life of Pandava, So promised to spare 4 Pandava
    14. Decided not to fight under commandership of Bhishma
    15. After fall of Bhishma meet Bhishma with tears in eyes & praised by Bhishma for bravery
    16. Entered in war on 11 day
    17. Cut bow of Abhimanyu. Other than this no role in killing Abhimanyu
    18. Defeated & Spared Bhima on 14th day
    19. Defeated & Spared sahdeva on 14th day (night battle)
    20. Defeated Ghatatkoch twice & then to save Duryodhana used shakti astra
    21. Became commander on 16th day, just destroyed pandava army
    22. Defeated Satyaki once, Bhima once, Nakula once & Spared nakula on 16th day
    23. Defeated Arjuna & Spared his life due to sunset following rule of war
    24. Promised duryodhana to used Vijaya bow & celestical chariot first time in life
    25. Mission Yudhistira : Defeated Satyaki once, Bhima twice, Yudhistira once & spared Yudhistira
    26. Launched Bhargavastra & made Arjuna to flee from battlefield along with panchal
    27. Killed many small kings of pandava army
    28. FINAL ENCOUNTER : Seven time overpowerded over Arjuna. Shot naagastra to kill Arjuna. Made Arjuna unconsious totally, 2nd time spared Arjuna & used that time to drag out wheel of chariot.
    29. Killed by Arjun in chariotless, weaponless state
    30. Donation of teeth to lord krishna who disguised as bramhin
    31. Pain of all creature on death of Karna.. Description as 'fair warrior one who never broke rule of war' by ved vyass
    32. Funeral rites by krishna

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