Pre Islamic Arabic talks about Vedas

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    Arabic is known as the Islamic language, but Arabic is also present before Islam was established. The pre-islamic Arabic texts or poetry clearly talks about Vedas. Below are the examples with reference.

    “Aya muwarekal araj yushaiya noha minar HIND-e wa aradakallaha manyonaifail jikaratun”
    “Oh the divine land Hind (INDIA) (how) very blessed art thou! Because thou art the chosen of God blessed with knowledge”

    “Wahalatijali Yatun ainana sahabi akha-atun jikra wahajayhi yo najjalur –rasu minal HINDATUN”
    “The celestial knowledge which like four lighthouses shone in such brilliance- through the (utterances of) Indian sages in fourfold abundance.”

    “Yakuloonallaha ya ahal araf alameen kullahum Fattabe-u jikaratul Veda bukkun malam yonajjaylatun”
    "God enjoys on all humans, follow with hands down, The path the vedas with his divine precept lay down"

    “Wahowa alamus SAMA wal YAJUR minallahay Tanajeelan Fa-enoma ya akhigo mutiabay-an Yobassheriyona jatun”
    "Bursting with divine knowledge are SAM and Yajur bestowed on creation, hence brothers respect and follow all vedas, guide to salvation."

    “Wa-isa nain huma Rig Athar nasayhin Ka-a-Khuwatun Wa asant Ala-udan wabowa nasha –e-ratun”
    “The others, the Rig and Athar teach us fraternity, sheltering under their luster dispels darkness till eternity”

    This poem was written by Labi-Bin-E- Akhtab-Bin-E-Tufa who lived in Arabia around 1850 B.C. This verse can be found in Sair-Ul-Okul which is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It was completed in 1742 A.D. under the order of the Turkish Sultan Salim.

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