protestant Christian's entry into vedic fold

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    My adopted Hindu name is Jatin Lekh Natarajan. I am a proud follower of Sanatana Dharma; specifically, Saivite. I live near Phoenix, Arizona, USA and attend a near-by temple that honors both Shiva and Krishna.

    I was raised in a conservative protestant Christian family. During my college years I began to question everything about the religion that I was brought up in. How was the Universe made? How was life begun? Why is the Bible so filled with war, blood and atrocities in the name of god? I had a very big problem accepting The Old Testament. So over the years, I learned and practiced many different religions, from several Christian sects to Buddhism to Taoism, etc. My long spiritual journey led me to the true faith of my soul, Sanatana Dharma.

    I believe Sanatana Dharma holds true to many of my beliefs and to who I am as a human. The Dharmic religions are much more about peace, love and understanding than the Abrahamic religions. Hinduism explains the Universe much more from a modern scientific understanding than the Abrahamic religions. I am a pharmacist and thus have a scientific background. For me, Christianity was always clashing with modern science; whereas Hinduism melds with modern science, modern technology, modern cosmology. This was very important for me. For example, Christianity states the Universe was created in 6 days. To me this is false. For thousands of years, Sanatana Dharma has taught us that the Universe is billions of years old. It will end one day and another begin. This has been proven true through our modern scientific understanding of the Universe.

    Vedic religion also teaches a better and healthier way to live this life. It leads us to treat all of life, human, animal, etc. with dignity. We see God in everything and love all. We know that we are in the Universe and the Universe is in us. We try to live a healthy life so as to be closer to god. We love and take care of our families, however those families are. We revere our children and our elderly. We revere the planet.

    Also, I believe that Hinduism teaches us that the soul is genderless and can re-incarnate between genders. I believe that Hindus are more understanding, open and loving to all of the Lord's children. I have found this acceptance and love to be true among my Hindu friends. I believe that my partner and I were together in a previous life, possibly of opposite genders at that time and we will be together again in the future until which time we reach Moksha. In conclusion, sexual orientation and equal rights is a complex, but a needed discussion.

    Sanatana Dharma should rise above all prejudices and embrace the diversity of life.

    I am a child of Shiva and I am a child of Krishna.

    I am proud to be Hindu.

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