Questions about the relationship of the chakras and mudras from a novice.

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    I'll start a little distance.
    From the youth I was fond of "special", with age become much more pragmatic and think that most of the fact that now there is - deceit.
    Especially the so-called "neo-paganism" with bearded "Sage" =))

    In life - for many years a permanent crisis, and for some reason I am sure that due to no work at least the first three chakras. Or maybe four.
    Since the work of the last three is probably no problem, as always considered myself spiritual development, while adhering to the position regardless of any denomination.

    In general, there is lack of vitality.
    By temperament - a complete introvert.
    Procrastination, doubt, anxiety for the future and those who are close, etc.
    Strongly envy extroverts - they twist this planet. Although maybe I'm wrong ...

    So much interesting applied aspect, to the effect that there is a consistent pattern. Namely - the notorious disclosure chakras.

    So, the questions themselves:
    1) Can I meditate on the chakras using audiovisual series with Bija mantra is not being a practicing any form of Hinduism?
    2) What EXACTLY how the chakras correspond to the mudras?
    Let me explain: the Internet found four (!) types of matching chakras and mudras!
    That is a complete gag. I can give you references if you want.
    3) Will it help in the realization of the goals that are planned?

    All thanks in advance! =)

    I'm sorry, if what is written is not very clear. I use Google translate))

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