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    Vedic Quotes:

    O seeker, know the true nature of your soul, and identify yourself with it completely. O Lord, (may we attain) the everlasting consciousness of Supreme Light and Joy. May we resolve to dedicate our life to the service of humankind, and uplift them to Divinity.

    Yajur Veda

    O Lord, liberate our souls
    From the shadows of birth and death,
    Not from our aspirations
    of existence i.e. immortality.


    “You must not use your God-given body for killing God’s creatures, whether they are human, animal or whatever.”

    Yajur Veda

    The one who loves all intensely begins perceiving in all living beings a part of himself. He becomes a lover of all, a part and parcel of the Universal Joy. He flows with the stream of happiness,and is enriched by each soul.

    Yajur Veda

    Lord, make me so pure and strong That all creatures may look upon me with friendship. And may I also look upon all creatures with friendship.

    Yajur Veda

    Sing the song of celestial love, O singer!
    May the divine fountain of eternal grace and joy enter your soul. May Brahma, (the Divine One), Pluck the strings of your inner soul with His celestial fingers, And feel His own presence within. Bless us with a divine voice That we may tune the harp-strings of our life To sing songs of Love to you.

    Rig Veda

    The human body is the temple of God. One who kindles the light of awareness within gets true light.
    The sacred flame of your inner shrine is constantly bright. The experience of unity is the fulfillment of human endeavors. The mysteries of life are revealed.

    Rig Veda

    Nature's beauty is an art of God. Let us feel the touch of God's invisible hands in everything beautiful.
    By the first touch of His hand rivers throb and ripple. When He smiles the sun shines, the moon glimmers,
    the stars twinkle, the flowers bloom. By the first rays of the rising sun, the universe is stirred;
    the shining gold is sprinkled on the smiling buds of rose; the fragrant air is filled with sweet melodies
    of singing birds, the dawn is the dream of God's creative fancy.

    Rig Veda

    Most humbly we bow to You, O Supreme Lord. At Your command moves the mighty wheel of time.You are eternal, and beyond eternity.

    Artharva Veda

    Supreme Lord, let there be peace in the sky and in the atmosphere. Let there be peace in the plant world and in the forests. Let the cosmic powers be peaceful. Let the Brahman, the true essence and source of life, be peaceful. Let there be undiluted and fulfilling peace everywhere.

    The Atharva Veda

    “One should be considered dear, even by the animal kingdom.”

    Atharva Veda

    “Those noble souls who practice meditation and other yogic ways, who are ever careful about all beings, who protect all animals, are the ones who are actually serious about spiritual practices.”

    Atharva Veda

    Upanishads Quotes

    Of everything he is the inmost Self. He is the truth; he is the Self supreme.

    Chandogya Upanishad

    Those in whose hearts OM reverberates Unceasingly are indeed blessed And deeply loved as one who is the Self. The all-knowing Self was never born, Nor will it die. Beyond cause and effect, This Self is eternal and immutable. When the body dies, the Self does not die.

    Katha Upanishad

    There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth,
    beyond all of us, beyond the heavens,
    beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.
    This is the light that shines in our hearts.

    Chandogya Upanishad

    Meditating on the lotus of your heart, in the center is the untainted; the exquisitely pure, clear, and sorrowless;
    the inconceivable; the unmanifest, of infinite form; blissful, tranquil, immortal; the womb of Brahma.


    The whole mantram AUM Indivisible, interdependent, Goes on reverberating in the mind. Established in this cosmic vibration, The sage goes beyond fear, decay, and death To enter into infinite peace.

    Prashna Upanishad

    O Almighty!
    You are the infinite; the universe is also infinite!
    From infinite the infinite has come out!
    Having taken infinite out of the infinite, the infinite remains!
    O Almighty! May there be Peace! Peace! Everywhere!

    Ishawashya Upanishad

    O Brahma, lead us from the unreal to the real.
    O Brahma, lead us from darkness to light.
    O Brahma, lead us from death to immortality.
    Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om.

    Brhadaranyaka Upanishad

    Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the heart.
    Everything that moves, breathes, opens, and closes
    Lives in the Self. He is the source of love
    And may be known through love but not through thought
    He is the goal of life. Attain this goal!

    Mundaka Upanishad

    All is change in the world of the senses,
    But changeless is the supreme Lord of Love.
    Meditate on him, be absorbed by him,
    Wake up from this dream of separateness.

    Shvetashvatara Upanishad

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