Rajiv Malhotra explains, how India is being deconstructed.

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    Rajiv Malhotra explains, how India is being deconstructed.

    Transcript of the small video:
    There are Secular Lenses, which includes both 'Enlightenmen' and 'Post-Modernism'. The Enlightenment lenses includng things like, Anthropology, Social Theory, History and Western Feminism.
    And then there are those are into the American Right, which is very substantial group amount of scholarship, use Abrahmic categories, they have Missionaries agendas, either they are appropriating like Christian Yoga is a kind of appropriation or there is denigration.
    So, there are these two, there is Left approaching and there is right approaching. Unfortunately, Indian study is kind of both squeezed and sandwitched from both sides.
    So, the Study starts generally looking at caste, minority religions and women and their problems. So, the beginning is 'Lets study some problem', rather than what are some resources, what are something they can offer, what are there is something they have already done for humanity. So, it starts all with 'Problems' and then it works its way up as, these problems are characterized and considered as foundation of Hinduism, and which is then considered as foundation of Indian Civilization, and which is considered as the foundation of Indian Nation-state.
    So, The Problemetization is driven in this manner and it works its way up. Some people works at one level, some work at another level, but very few actually put it all together. But if you become a student of how this industry works, you will find out that 'Composite Effect' is the deconstruction of all of this and Indian State.
    This video is just a small part of a longer 'power-point video lecture' by Rajiv Malhotra on "Where is India in the Eagles Eye". The original video can be found out Rajiv Malhotra's youtube channel.

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