Ramayan in Mongolia, Tibet, Korea, Siberia

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    Mongolia also has its own tale in the 19th century Bolor Toli as part of religious literature. Ramayan discourses were given in Mangolia by Tibetian Lamas. Jeevak is the father of Ram and Laxman. Garud and not Jatayu fights Ravan. Ram is identified as Buddha in the end.

    Bharat and Tibet are linked closely by Ramayan. Many versions of Ramayan reached Tibet through Jataka tales since 3rd century. In 1182 to 1251 Sa-shya-Pandit wrote 457 subhshitas called “Subhashit Ratna Nidhi” in Tibetian language. Some of the subhashitas are based on Ramayan katha.

    While nothing has been found for Korea so far, this does not mean that the tradition does not exist, only that research needs to be done. Considering the historical, cultural, and religious ties with its neighbors, it would be very unusual if Korea did not have some form of the epic. Koreans pride that an Indian princess from Ayodhya was married to a Korean prince. Every country around Korea has some variation of the story, including Siberia since the 18th century.

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