Ramayan is the soul of India

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    Ram Nawami Celebrations of People of Indian Origin

    During the colonial rule, Britishers took thousands of Hindus mostly from Bihar, UP and Tamil Nadu to distant countries like Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Burma, Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica etc. Some of them were sold to Dutch colonists for a pittance as cheap laborers to work in Surinam and Indonesia. They were ill-treated, poorly fed and clothed and punished in every possible manner by their masters while they sweat and bled for them. These countries have become rich thanks to the labor and sufferings of these Indians. The Christian missionaries tried all tricks to convert them. In spite of all these hardships and treacheries bulk of them has remained as Hindus thanks to Tulsi Ramayan and Thevarams of Tamil Nayanmar saints. Ramayan Mandalis and Ramayan Sabhas have protected Hindus around the world.

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